One Day in Tallinn

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is straight out of the pages of a medieval fairytale story, filled with potions and castles and odd little dolls. But, Tallinn is tiny; so tiny that most travelers tend to be passerby or day trippers. The easiest and most common route of visitation is across the Gulf of Finland, hop aboard one of the ferries in Helsinki and in a few hours you’ll be transported through time to this medieval fairytale.

Berlin in Two Days | Chasing Krista | Berlin, Germany

Bucket List: Berlin

Berlin is a quirky and happening city, with literally so much to do. It is basically impossible to find the time to do everything, see everything, and eat everything that makes Berlin, Berlin! From wandering the colorful graffitied streets, to seeing your history textbooks come alive.

Budapest: Architecture, Baths, & Ruin Bars | Chasing Krista | Budapest

Budapest: Architecture, Baths, & Ruin Bars

Budapest is one of the most relaxing, quirky, and busiest cities I have had the pleasure of exploring. It is definitely a city that needs more than one weekend, and definitely … Continue reading Budapest: Architecture, Baths, & Ruin Bars