Kandersteg; Sliding through the Alps | Chasing Krista | Kandersteg, Switzerland

Kandersteg; Sliding through the Alps

If you are traveling around Switzerland and you haven’t heard of Kandersteg, HOLD UP. First of all, Kandersteg is located in about one hour from Bern via train, super easy to get to from any major city in Swizterland. During the summer months, a part of the Swiss Alps open up and allow you to slide down. Yes SLIDE through the Swiss Alps.

Lucerne | Chasing Krista | Lucerne, Switzerland


The first thing that comes to mind when I hear the name Lucerne is the cheese, cheese from Switzerland. For all the cheese lovers out there, that alone should be enough to convince you to head into the heart of Switzerland. Right in between Bern and Zürich it is the perfect place to have a mini layover and eat some cheese.