Bucket List: Eating Through Europe | Chasing Krista

Bucket List: Eating Through Europe

FOOD IS LIFE (obviously) and with the world being so big and filled with such exotic flavors and cuisines it only makes sense to eat your way through every city, country, and continent. While I spent two years in Europe, I had the pleasure of being able to travel to a number of different cuisines, naturally, I made a bucket list of the foods that needed to eaten, tasted, licked, slurped, chewed or gulped throughout Europe.

Budapest: Architecture, Baths, & Ruin Bars | Chasing Krista | Budapest

Budapest: Buildings​, Baths, & Bars

Budapest is one of the most relaxing, quirky, and busiest cities I have had the pleasure of exploring. It is definitely a city that needs more than one weekend, and definitely … Continue reading Budapest: Buildings​, Baths, & Bars