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The capital of China, the beating heart of this thriving and bustling country. We all know the population of China is insanely huge and rapidly growing each day. I don’t know about yourself, but Beijing (China in general) overwhelms me to a point of anxiety. I have heard the rumors, seen the stories of how the population size of China is taking over the streets themselves. Within one weekend (three to four days) I believe it is possible to get a taste of both ancient and new through the streets of China’s unique capital city; weave in and out of thousands of years of imperial history masked together with the thriving scenes of the 21st-century society.

Cologne: a guide to Christmas Markets | Chasing Krista | Cologne, Germany

Cologne: a guide to Christmas Markets

Cologne (or Köln in German) is a 2,000 year old city that runs across the Rhine River in western Germany. It is a cultural heart of western Germany. Filled with … Continue reading Cologne: a guide to Christmas Markets