A Weekend in Bucharest | Chasing Krista | Bucharest, Romania

A Weekend in Bucharest

The country of Romania is still trying to find itself after hardships and decades of a communists regime which is probably why the majority of people wonder if this is a safe destination, but I can assure you that I felt comfortable and safe wandering around the streets of Bucharest. The capital is itself it bustling with an emerging buzzing metropolitan lifestyle while retaining the history and architecture of its intricate past.

Lucerne | Chasing Krista | Lucerne, Switzerland


The first thing that comes to mind when I hear the name Lucerne is the cheese, cheese from Switzerland. For all the cheese lovers out there, that alone should be enough to convince you to head into the heart of Switzerland. Right in between Bern and Zürich it is the perfect place to have a mini layover and eat some cheese.

A Day Trip to Graz | Chasing Krista | Graz, Vienna

A Day Trip to Graz

Austria is the gem of Eastern Europe. I have heard it be called the pearl of Europe and I can understand why. It is the one of the most picturesque countries I have been to. Two of the gems in Austria besides the bustling capital, Graz and Salzburg. One of these hidden gems is the lesser known of the two but deserves just as much attention: Graz.