Chasing Krista

hi, i’m krista. thanks for visiting my blog.


Inside my blog, you’ll find stories, stories, and more stories. These stories are filled with the embarrassment that is my life. As well as some helpful tips to guide you on your own adventures. I firmly believe we are put on this planet for a reason, to explore as much of planet earth as your heart desires, to learn and respect other customs & cultures, and to educate the world of your own customs & culture. Inside the pages of my blog, you will find tips and tricks, aids and advice, and the encouragement to escape and create your own memories & travel adventures.

 Mostly, my blog is filled with photos, photos, and more photos. I am a photo fiend. I love capturing a moment in time and freezing it alongside the emotions & power that a photo can hold. I do not (in any way or shape) consider myself a professional photographer, maybe one day, but for right now, I find joy in getting snap happy & capturing moments.

The goal of my blog is to create a diary for myself, and a guide for anyone itching to travel or anyone needed advice or encouragement that they can have their own travel adventure, they can move abroad to a whole other world. I want to make travel a possible & reachable goal for anyone anywhere!

My wanderlust first began when I graduated from university. I scratched my perfect ten-year plan, ditched the grad school applications, and bought a one-way ticket. The next thing I knew I was surrounded by rainforest level humidity and mounds of peanut sauce (can you guess where?). Fast forward three years later and I am jet-setting around the globe. My goal is not to try and simply visit every city on my bucket list, touch down in every country, but to experience & respect the variety of cultures and customs that make this planet so much more.

The world is bigger outside our comfort zones, that is where the magic is & that is where you’ll find me.



Don’t be shy!  Tell me what you think: did my stories make you laugh? Was I helpful or inspiring? Share your stories with me, I’d love to hear them!

*This blog may contain affiliate links, in other words, it may drop a penny in my piggy bank. I only endorse products I use and I love. Pinkie promise!*




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