Chasing Krista


hi, i’m krista. thanks for visiting my blog.


Inside my blog, you’ll find stories, stories, and some more stories. These stories are full of the embarrassment that my life can be and helpful tips to guide you on your own adventures. You’ll find tips and tricks, aids and advice, encouragement to escape on your own travels. Lastly, my blog is filled with photos, photos, and some more photos. I am a photo fiend. Despite the lens only being able to capture a certain amount of beauty, I do my best with my iPhone (whichever one has not been stolen from me) and my DSLR Canon camera.

The goal of my blog is to create a diary for myself, and a guide for anyone itching to travel. These posts are a collection of my stories, my advice, and my photos, to fuel your fire to see the world.

My wanderlust first began when I graduated from university. I scratched my perfect ten-year plan, ditched the grad school applications, and bought a one-way ticket. The next thing I knew I was surrounded by rainforest level humidity and mounds of peanut sauce (can you guess where?). Fast forward three years later and I am jet-setting around the globe; trying not to just simply visit every city on my bucket list, but to experience what makes this world so unlike any other in the galaxy.

Before we continue on our love journey of travel together, I must inform you: I don’t consider myself an expert, I am not a professional writer or photographer, and despite being an English teacher, I question my knowledge of the language. So, I apologize if my writing leads you to a different experience, or if my posts are filled with grammatical errors, I’m only human.

Don’t be shy!  Tell me what you think: did my stories make you laugh? Were my tips remotely helpful? Did you find my photos inspiring? Share your stories with me, I’d love to hear them!

*This blog may contain affiliate links, in others words, it may drop a penny in my piggy bank. I only endorse products I use and I love. Pinkie promise!*

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