Common Mistakes to Avoid on Weekend Travel

Weekend travel is a perfect way to get a little taste or teaser of a new city. A few days away from the routine & schedule of life to explore somewhere new. Buuut keep in mind also that a few days is never enough time to fully explore and experience a new city, so you have to learn how to make the most of three days and try to avoid the hiccups that can be a damper your weekend plans!

Common Mistakes to Avoid on Weekend Travel | Chasing Krista

  1. Booking a Flight
    •  Don’t wait until the day before to book your flight. Normally, the cheapest time to book your flight is six months before. With that said, you can also find cheap flights one month before or if you are lucky, one week before. But the key to finding cheap flights is: research, watch and wait.
    • I am a huge fan of Google Flights and Skyscanner. They search for multiple different airlines to show you your price options from everyone.
    • Clear your browser! They track you and the prices will jump based on what you search.
    • Tuesdays. 1500. the best time to search for cheap flights.
    • If you have found the one, book it. Don’t hope and wait for the price to get lower; if you see and you like it!Common Mistakes to Avoid on Weekend Travel | Chasing Krista
  2. Checking A Bag
    • Don’t do it. Just don’t. Use a carry-on. It is only for three days. Plus, if your bag gets lost, it will ruin your weekend. And probably three days to get back; which by then you will be on your way back home.
      • BUT, if you absolutely NEED to check your bag. Like need, need, need to check it, make sure you carry an extra outfit and a few toiletries in your purse/carry-on, just in case something does happen to your luggage.
  3. Don’t Overpack.
    • You’re going on a weekend trip, not a month long trip. It’s tempting to bring a variety of clothing & accessory options but don’t. Pack what you want, then unpack that and re-pack half of it. Take the essentials and move on.
      • Try packing a small number of basic pieces & getting wild with accessories.
        • For example: a simple black dress + jacket + accesory+ shoes = an endless amount of outfit options.Common Mistakes to Avoid on Weekend Travel | Chasing Krista
  4. Accommodation
    • Map it out. DON’T stay in a hostel or hotel or Airbnb that is over an hour from the city center. TRUST me you will not enjoy it. If you book a place far away from the center you will be paying for transportation to and from each day. Rather than spending the money and time on commuting to and from, it is wiser to spend a few extra $€£¥ on an accommodation closer to the city.
  5. Time
    • You only have three days, make the most of your time. Don’t waste your time with scenic routes or the long way around; get to your destination as quickly as you can so that you can enjoy every second.
    • Research a few of the places you want to see. You won’t be able to hit up everything on your bucket list, but narrowing down what you absolutely need to see & make time for those.
    • I’m not a fan of time schedules, but I am a fan of lists & saving destinations in Google Maps.
      • When you are creating a list of your absolute must-see’s try putting them in Google Maps so you don’t end up backtracking.
    • Walking tours are a great way to see the highlights of the city in an organized environment; leaving you with time to get lost and experience the new city!
  6. Be Money Conscious
    • Trust me, the €10 a day for wifi is NOT worth it. You can survive for three days without checking Instagram or responding to emails. If it is absolutely imperative that you get a signal, try cafes or McDonalds or Starbucks and use the free wifi. Majority of hostels & hotels offer a free breakfast, it might not be the most nutrient and glamorous breakfast ever, but it’s free, so take advantage. All these small savings can really add up throughout the weekend.Common Mistakes to Avoid on Weekend Travel | Chasing Krista
  7. New Anything
    1. I would strongly advise against breaking in new shoes during your weekend getaway, in the end, you are just going to have blisters on your feet. While your memories are tainted with feet pain rather than the views.
  8. Most importantly, remember to leave room for spontaneity and mistakes and getting lost. It is okay if something doesn’t go according to plan, no matter what you will be left with memories & an experience you’ll never forget.

“I’m a big believer in winging it. I’m a big believer that you’re never going to find perfect city travel experience or the perfect meal without a constant willingness to experience a bad one.” – Anthony Bourdain

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Are you a fan of weekend travel? What are some tips & tricks you’ve learned from your adventures? Tell me your stories!