Mostar, the city famous for “that bridge,” one of the most recognizable bridges in Europe. Located in the south of  Bosnia & Herzegovina near the Croatia border, Mostar is as a city that humbles all. Filled with glimpses into its destructive past, its old-world character charm and cobblestoned streets; Mostar is a city that can’t be missed. Even if you are just passing through countries (like us), it is worth your while to make a stop in Mostar.

Mostar | Chasing Krista | Mostar, Bosnia


Day one (our only full day) consisted of wandering around the city, through the markets, the illegal tour and finding food that my picky sister would eat.

Where To Stay: 
Hostel Nina – this hostel was beyond the word adorable, the old couple that runs it are the kindest humans, homemade breakfast in the morning, extremely accommodating and just sweet souls.

Stari Most

The iconic bridge. Stari Most means ‘old bridge’ in Bosnian, and was crafted in the 16th century under the Ottoman rule; later destroyed in the Croat-Bosniak War in 1993. Rebuilt in 2004 with the same constructional layout now serves as an icon of the old city.

Mostar | Chasing Krista | Mostar, Bosnia

*for a great shot of the iconic bridge try the bridge parallel to it, Lucki Most Bridge

Mostar | Chasing Krista | Mostar, Bosnia
Night Photo of Stari Most

Sniper Tower

Part of the illegal tour, you are taken to an ugly, run down, partly demolished bank building. You walk inside and are taken back to the traumas of the war. Graffiti, trash, phone books, broken windows; this once thriving and flashy bank building turned into a sniper hideout when the war broke out. Although it is considered trespassing, the grounds are not monitored by enforcement. Your hostel or hotel will gladly tell you the location and the tricks to getting inside but be cautious when you enter and be very aware and careful while inside. I would strongly recommend not going during dark due to the popularity of alcoholic and junkies that inhabit the space and there is a lot of broken glass and chards that can be dangerous.
Mostar | Chasing Krista | Mostar, Bosnia



Mostar | Chasing Krista | Mostar, BosniaIMG_3801


Ate breakfast, packed the car and road tripped our way to Kravice Waterfalls. Mostar | Chasing Krista | Bosnia


Things to Know:

  • €3 to enter & park
  • you have to walk down a steep and slippery slope (saw many people fall, so be cautious or hold the railing)
  • you CAN swim in the water, bring water shoes and towel
  • there is a little cafe where you can buy beer and ice cream (beverages and snacks)
  • the water is brrrrrrrrrrr freezing

Mostar | Chasing Krista | Mostar, Bosnia




Until next time Bosnia ✌🏽
Cause I’ll be back!


Mostar | Chasing Krista | Bosnia & HerzegovinaMostar | Chasing Krista | Bosnia & Herzegovina


Kravice Waterfalls