A Weekend in Bucharest

A Weekend in Bucharest

For some reason, Bucharest isn’t a popular destination on most people’s travel list. In fact, when I say Bucharest most people think I am mispronouncing/spelling Budapest. That is not the case. The whole country of Romania doesn’t seem to be a notorious travel place but it will surprise you and you deserve to let it surprise you; add it to your list, you won’t regret it.

The country of Romania is still trying to find itself after hardships and decades of a communists regime which is probably why the majority of people wonder if this is a safe destination, but I can assure you that I felt comfortable and safe wandering around the streets of Bucharest. The capital is itself it bustling with an emerging buzzing metropolitan lifestyle while retaining the history and architecture of its intricate past.



  • Palace of Parliament
  • Revolution Square
  • Old Town
  • National Village Museum
  • The Parks: Herastrau Park, Parcul Izvor, Cismigiu Park
  • The Churches: Stavropoleos Monastery, Church of Saint Antony, Kretzeulescu Church, St. Nicholas Church
  • The Museums: Natural History, Museum of Art of Romania, National Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Transylvania

Food & Drinks to Try:

  • Mici – Grilled Minced Meat Rolls
  • Ciorba de Burta – Beef Tripe Soup
  • Varza a la Cluj – Cabbage
  • Cozonac – Sweetbread filled with walnut paste
  • Mucenici – Sweet Dough Rolls


  • Free Walking Tour Bucharest
  • Food Hood Bucuresti (food trucks) & Bucharest Food Tour
  • Communist Tour
  • Bucharest Markets Tour
  • Bucharest Bike Tour

Palace of Parliament:
With 3000 rooms that cover more than 330,000 square meters, this Palace of Parliament is one of the largest buildings in the world. This architectural wonder is the creation of the former and last dictator Nicholae Ceasuescu; who ruled under a communist regime until 1989 when he was shot dead by a volunteer soldier on Christmas Day in 1898.

A Weekend in Bucharest | Chasing Krista | Bucharest, RomaniaA Weekend in Bucharest | Chasing Krista | Bucharest, Romania

Revolution Square: 
Located in the center of Bucharest, Revolution Square is the where the downfall of Nicolae Ceausescu regime began to crumble. Minutes after the dictator gave a speech to a crowd over 100,000 people the Romanian revolution began. The square is filled with the most complex history and stories about Romania’s past.
The awkward ‘teapa lio Ghildus’ = ‘to be given the pale’ statue in the center of the square means to be stood up. Meant to symbolize the feelings of the Romanian people during the revolution.

A Weekend in Bucharest | Chasing Krista | Bucharest, Romania

A Weekend in Bucharest | Chasing Krista | Bucharest, Romania

Old Town of Bucharest otherwise known as Centru Vechi by the local. Get lost and let your senses guide. Wander through the old streets, preserved from the bombings of World War II. Marvel at the glorious details found inside the Stavropoleos Church. This church is an example of the “Brancovensesc style’ filled with paintings from one of Romania distinguished religious painters: Gheorghe Tattarescu.



A Weekend in Bucharest | Chasing Krista | Bucharest, Romania

Odeon Theatre
One of the best-known performing art centers in Romania. Originally built in 1911 as a theater for Comedy, and renamed the Odeon Theatre for performing arts after the Revolution of 1989. Today the theatre hosts a range of artistic performances.


Spend an afternoon wandering around the parks: Herastrau Park, Parcul Izvor, Cismigiu Park. Stop by the local grocery store and pick up some snacks and people watch for the afternoon or practice your photography skills on strangers, or simply aimlessly meander through the parks contemplating the meaning of life.




The Churches: Stavropoleos Monastery, Church of Saint Antony, Kretzeulescu Church, St. Nicholas Church, Antim Church 


The Museums: Natural History, Museum of Art of Romania, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Palace of National Military, Monument Istoric



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Getting to And Exploring: Dracula’s Castle


We took a bus from Bucharest to Brasov to Bran. We didn’t bring enough cash and got stranded in Brasov for a wee bit before getting the next bus to Bran. By the time we got to Dracula’s Castle, it was closed & raining. Although, I did buy a wool poncho that was probably knit by a vampire but is insanely warm and I love it.

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Until next time Romania ✌🏽

Have you been to Romania? Or inside Dracula’s castle? I would love to hear your stories!

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  1. I have not been yet but we just booked our tickets for a country tour through Romania in the fall, so this post came in very handy. Looks like the country is a little gem and gets overlooked quite a bit. From what I have read and seen so far, it sounds like a lovely place.


    1. It is absolutely beautiful! I can’t wait to go back and explore more of it, I would LOOVE to do a country tour! Hope you have an amazing trip!

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  2. This sounds like a fab weekend! It’s a shame about Dracula’s castle, but at least you’ll have that poncho to remember it by! 😉


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