An Afternoon in Trieste

One day someone mentioned the town of Trieste to me, I had no idea where it was or how accessible it was. But, after that, all I knew is that I would one day find a way to visit.  And I did…for the afternoon! Trieste is a tiny tiny port town in Italy located in the northeast of Italy, considered the capital of that region of Italy & one of the largest seaports in that region (Austro-Hungarian Empire region). Located so close to the border of Slovenia & the Adriatic coast, the architecture found throughout Trieste has developed an Austro-Hungarian and Slovenian influence mixed with the traditional classic style of  Italian Renaissance.

An Afternoon in Trieste | Chasing Krista | Trieste, Italy

During my summer road trip through Croatia & Slovenia with my sister, we noticed that on our way from Ljubljana back to Croatia, we could maneuver it to make a quick lunch stop in Italy. One thing that you’ll notice about Trieste is the influence it has from its neighbors. Being so close to such influential empires, Trieste is a mix of a variety of designs that make it so unique and unlikely the traditional Italian style. We drove crossed the border (no security checks), parked the car, and wandered through the streets & alleyways, ate some lunch, and headed back to Slovenia. I did absolutely zero research on Trieste before driving into its borders and clearly knew nothing about the city, except that it was a seaport and an Italian city with a strong influence from the east.

An Afternoon in Trieste | Chasing Krista | Trieste, Italy

An Afternoon Stroll Through Trieste Through The Lens












Until Next Time Trieste, Italy ✌🏽

Have you been to Trieste, Italy before? Or any city that you just had to go because you heard someone mention it? Let me know!

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