The Ultimate Italian Bucket List

Italy is one of those countries that steals your heart from the moment you arrive. Italy isn’t just a country of food, art, history, and love. But, Italy is a state of mind, a feeling that encompasses you, a feeling that can’t be described. Whether it is the history of one of the greatest empires that captivates you or the cuisine that ignites your taste buds; Italy has something for everyone and undeniable is a country you will return to.

The Ultimate Italian Bucket List | Chasing Krista | Trieste, Italy

On a personal level, Italy is much more than a destination in my travel book. Florence was my first international trip that fueled my desire to see the world and experience the vastly different cultures this planet holds. Rome was the first international trip my parents traveled on when they came to visit me. Seeing the look on their faces after experiencing Rome in real life (versus me explaining it to them over technology) was indescribable.

Throughout the years of traveling, Italy has been romanticized and continues to stalk my daydreams and bucket lists, it is a country that everyone deserves to visit at least once in their lifetime, if not multiple times. I volunteer to be your tour guide.  I have started the Ultimate Italian Bucket List for those that are traveling to Italy.

This is a #bucketlist that keeps on growing, so if you have anything to add to it, let me know!

The Ultimate Italian Bucket List:

  • Eat gelato. Every flavor. Every destination. ✔️
    My girl, Katy did it properly whenever she traveled to Italy. Click the photo to check out her amazing photography skills from her travels around the world (drop a little comment and tell her I sent you over there, I’m curious to see).
    Italian Bucket List | Chasing Krista | Italy
  • Eat pizza. ✔️
    Obviously. One of my favorite pizza places in Italy is every single one of them. Haha, but if you are in Florence check out Pizza Gusto!

The Ultimate Italian Bucket List | Chasing Krista | Florence, Italy

  • Eat pasta. ✔️
    I mean, the three main food groups: gelato, pizza, and pasta. It is a must.
    The Ultimate Italian Bucket List | Chasing Krista | Verona, Italy
  • Get lost in the rainbow on the island of Burano ✔️
    The Ultimate Italian Bucket List | Chasing Krista | Burano, Italy
  • Toss a coin into the Trevi Fountain ✔️
    The Ultimate Italian Bucket List | Chasing Krista | Rome, Italy
  • eat pizza in Naples
  • Skinny dipping in Lake Como
  • Watch the sunset in Positano
  • Rent a Vespa around the Almafi Coast
  • La Carnival in Venice ✔️
    The Ultimate Italian Bucket List | Chasing Krista | Venice, Italy
  • Walk the steps in the Roman Forum ✔️
  • Wander through the Colosseum ✔️
    The Ultimate Italian Bucket List | Chasing Krista | Rome, Italy
  • Climb to the top of St. Peter’s Basilica ✔️
    Reasons to Visit Rome | Chasing Krista | Rome, Italy
  • Take a cooking class in Italy ✔️
    Cooking Class in Italy | Chasing Krista | Florence, Italy
  • Sip on Chianti wine in the Chianti region
  • Vogue through the Galerie Vittorio Emanuele ii in Milan ✔️
    The Ultimate Italian Bucket List | Chasing Krista | Milan, Italy
  • Watch the sunset on the Ponte Vecchio ✔️
    The Ultimate Italian Bucket List | Chasing Krista | Florence, Italy
  • See the Statue of David in Florence ✔️
  • Look at the Sistine Chapel (you’re not allowed to take photos, so it lives on in my memory) ✔️
  • Run through the streets of Pompeii
  • Cefalu, Sicily
  • Fall in love in Verona (with gelato) ✔️
  • Saturnia
  • Ride a gondola in Venice ✔️
  • See Venice before it disappears ✔️
  • Cinque Terre
  • Witness the making of Murano glass ✔️
  • See the inside of the Duomo in Florence ✔️
  • Eat bolognese in Bologna
  • Eat pesto in Genoa
  • Explore Turin
  • Go to Trieste for an afternoon ✔️
    The Ultimate Italian Bucket List | Chasing Krista | Trieste, Italy
  • Hike the Dolomites and Mt. Etna
  • Get lost in Trastevere ✔️
  • Sail the bluest waters in Sardina
  • Eat pizza and gelato on a bridge in Venice ✔️
    Venice: The Floating City | Chasing Krista | Venice, Italy
  • Buy leather in the San Lorenza Market ✔️
  • Sit and listen to a street musician ✔️
  • Order one of everything off the menu
  • Learn to cook a real Italian meal without speaking English
  • Rent a bike in a small town and bike to the early morning market
  • Palermo
  • Take a ferry from Bari
  • Reggio Calabria (tip of the boot)
  • Leuca (heel of the boat)

My Ultimate Italian Bucket List is ongoing because I am constantly day-dreaming of returning to Italy and cannot wait until I am back! If you have any ideas that I should add to my bucket list let me know! I would love to add you and your idea (as silly as they may be) to the Ultimate Italian Bucket List 😍

Venice: The Floating City | Chasing Krista | ItalyThe Ultimate Italian Bucket List | Chasing Krista | Italy

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  1. Great post and fantastic list, Italy is an endlessly fascinating country and I would love to take a cooking class


  2. I love that this is an ongoing list!! The joy you are experiencing in your travels really shines through in your photos!!


    1. Oh that sounds amazing! I’ll have to add that carnival to my bucket list! Thank you for sharing that with me! Happy travels to you!!

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  3. Lovely post. I just moved to the south of Italy and I’m curious as to where you would take the ferry to from Bari? I’m living in Bari now and it’s such s lovely place. 😊


    1. Oh wow, jealous! I bet the south of Italy is absolutely stunning!
      I haven’t taken a ferry yet but I would love to, maybe to Croatia (Dubrovnik) or Albania or Corfu (Northern Greece). Those would be go to places! One day hopefully!

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  4. Yes to as much gelato as you can eat! We even do it for breakfast sometimes because it’s vacation 🙂


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