A Bangkok Itinerary

Weekend in Bangkok: How to Spend 3 days (or more) in Thailand’s Capital

The moment I landed in Bangkok I anticipated an adventure. My yoga pants vacuumed to my already sweating legs, not a sign in sight I could understand or a letter I could read, and people were literally a blur, zigzagging around me. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity of traveling to Bangkok a few times and each time it is a whole new adventure, and that is one of the things I absolutely love about Thailand. Every time you go, it’s like experiencing it for the first time.

A Bangkok Itinerary | Chasing Krista | Bangkok, Thailand


Day One: Temples                                                       Day Four: Lumpini Park

Day Two: Markets & Shopping                               Day Five: Cooking Class & Muay Thai

Day Three: Ayutthaya Day Trip                              Day Six: Quicky Side of Bangkok


Day One: Temples, Temples, Temples

After you land and check into your hotel/hostel/Airbnb wander towards the Grand Palace. I’ve been to the Grand Palace four/five times and it never fails to impress me. The detail in the architecture alone will leave you jaw-dropped. *Beware of scammers* Make you are appropriately dressed for entering the temples; your knees & shoulders need to be covered. While inside the Grand Palace, make your way to the Emerald Buddha.

A Bangkok Itinerary | Chasing Krista | Bangkok, Thailand


A Bangkok Itinerary | Chasing Krista | Bangkok, Thailand

A short walk from the Grand Palace you will find Wat Pho = Reclining Buddha. Magnificent in size, this golden Buddha is literally laying down, propped up on his elbow wrapped in gold.


Hop abroad a ferry (cost around 20 baht) and head across the river to Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn). You can tell from the architecture that Wat Arun is slightly different from the other temples you’ve been exploring. Wat Arun has more of a Khmer style influence rather than the typical Siamese style you’ve indulged your eyes with today. You can enter and climb up Wat Arun for a beautiful view down the river. The steps are a wee bit steep and narrowing so watch your step!



More Temples to Check out: The Golden Mount, Wat Taimit, Wat Benchamabophit,

Day Two: Shopping & Spa Day

Bangkok is easily one of Asia’s best cities for shopping, offering everything from cheap goods to high-end apparel and tech to a variety of spa treatments. If you have the time in your schedule I would definitely recommend taking a day and exploring all the shopping, it is overwhelming. From the shopping malls: MBK, Siam Paragon, Central World to the Chatuchak Weekend Market & the madness of Khao San Road (morning & night because it is a completely different world when the sun goes down). Today (and every day) is also a great day to get treated like a queen, Bangkok has so many massages & spas around every corner on every street. Let yourself be pampered.

A Bangkok Itinerary | Chasing Krista | Bangkok, Thailand


Day Three: Day Trip To Ayutthaya

Click the photos to be taken to my guide on Ayutthaya, a brief little history lesson and a guide to the temples found scattered through this ancient city!



Day Trip to Ayutthaya | Chasing Krista | Ayutthaya, Thailand

Spending more time in Bangkok.
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Day Four: Floating Market, Hua Lamphone, Chinatown & See a Performance


Day Five: Cooking Class & Muay Thai Class, Khao San Road at night

One of my biggest regrets of traveling to Bangkok so many times is not creating the time to take an authentic cooking class or learn the art of Muay Thai, but I have a feeling I’ll be back in Bangkok in no time at all and I’ve promised the next time I am taking as many cookinMuaymuay Thai classes as possible.


Day Six: Check out the quirky side of Bangkok


More Day Trips from Bangkok:

  • Ayutthaya
  • Khao Yai national park
  • Kanchanaburi
  • Pattaya
  • Hua Hin

*click me ⬇️ *Day Trip to Ayutthaya | Chasing Krista | Ayutthaya, Thailand

After spending a few days in the bustling capital of Bangkok, you’ve probably fallen in love with the city, the culture, the food & the people, you probably don’t want to leave. Trust me, I understand. Extend your time, after the busy capital of Bangkok, head up north to the quiet & green Chiang Mai. Check out my guide for spending two days in Chiang Mai. Or take the opposite route and trade the green, grassy mountains view for crystal blue, clear oceans, and sand; island hopping through the beaches of Thailand.

A Bangkok Itinerary | Chasing Krista | Bangkok, Thailand

When I had the joy of traveling through the islands of Thailand, I’m not going to lie; I was waaaaay more focused on everything but taking photos & remembers names. I don’t think I have enough content to create an actual guide for anyone traveling solely to the islands buuuuuut I can break down some of my favorite islands that I’ve traveled to. Granted there are 51 islands spread from coast to coast, point to point of Thailand. Some are very secluded & less popular while others are unfortunately being closed due to the fact that they are too wildly popular, and are slowly being destroyed.

These are a few of my favorite Thailand islands:

Koh Chang

A Bangkok Itinerary | Chasing Krista | Bangkok, Thailand

Koh Phi Phi


Koh Lanta

A Bangkok Itinerary | Chasing Krista | Bangkok, Thailand

Phuket & Krabi



Have you traveled to Thailand before? What were your favorite experiences? Tell me all your stories!!

Until next time, Thailand (I know it’ll be soon) ✌🏽

Want more on Thailand? I don’t blame you 😉 , click below for more! And feel free to message me if you have any questions about traveling to Thailand!

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  1. I’ve been to Bangkok but all I remember is a blur, just like the traffic! Actually the mini bus we were in was in an accident and they were taking so long sorting it out we just got out and walked to the shops. Spa time is always good. Think I prefer the quieter islands. Favourite of mine is Koh Samui.


  2. I spent a weekend in Bangkok in 2016 and it’s interesting to see the things I did visit (e.g., the temples) and also everything I missed. I’m hoping to go back later this year, and I’ll definitely check out more of the markets and places to shop when I do!


  3. Bangkok is my favorite destination. I think even I stay for a month still, I can’t get over with it beauty. Next month I will be in Bangkok to attend a King Power event 😀


  4. Temples are fun but they do leave you with hot and sore feet. I love the idea of relaxing with a beer and getting a pedicure. Followed up by eating delicious food


  5. You have just made me miss Bangkok a lot. I just went there last year, and truly enjoyed a lot. Some of the places you’ve incuded on your list is something I should see next time. I’ll surely share this to firends, especially for those that are planning to visit Bangkok soon. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.


  6. That’s a detailed guide to Bangkok. Loved how you started it by Expressing your personal feelings.

    Do check your mobile view of this blog, the list you shave written for Day 1 Day 2 it is not showing properly


  7. I love Bangkok and I always look forward to coming back. I am glad you have included going to a massage in your Bangkok itinerary. It would be a pity to be in Bangkok and not to try traditional Thai massage. Since you have recommended a visit to Wat Pho, then I would recommend Wat Pho Thai Traditional Massage School for a Thai massage.


  8. I’m going to Bangkok in two weeks so I’m taking notes! I’m glad to find someone who doesn’t dismiss Bangkok as non-interesting or as horrible. I’m reading that a lot and it just doesn’t match with the pictures I see and the to-see list that I’ve made already. It looks like an amazing city and I can’t wait to explore!


  9. You brought back some amazing memories for me of Thailand. The temples there are a must see, as is the spas there! I wish I could go right now! I love your photos too, they’re so much fun.


  10. Bangkok is such a place that brings newer things every time you visit. Bangkok has so many things to do and see. This is a well-detailed itinerary and guide of Thailand. I virtually visited with you to Bangkok while reading the post. 🙂


  11. I REALLY wish I would have made it to Bangkok while in Thailand. The ornate temples are surely my favorite part of my visit to Southeast Asia!


  12. What a lovely virtual tour of Bangkok! I think you covered some of the most famous tourist attraction, including Ayutthaya (not visiting it while in Bangkok would be a pitty). Thank you for sharing this, it brought back so many nice memories 🙂


  13. What a wonderfully thorough guide to traveling through Bangkok! Thank you for sharing so many photos and details about what to do in the Capital of Thailand. The Grand Palace is definitely something I want to visit – looks amazing!


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