My Blogging Hiatus

HELLLOOO! It’s been a while and I broke that cardinal rule of blogging…and just stopped. Since returning to North America, life has been a busy whirlwind and an emotional rollercoaster. After two years gallivanting around Europe and molding the younger minds of Spain’s population; it was quite a challenge adjusting back to life at home. It hasn’t been the smoothest of transitions, and to be frank, each day proves to have its ups and downs and that constant battle of figuring out what my pathway is, is a constant ping-pong game in my head.

My Blogging Hiatus | North America | Chasing KristaA few days after I returned to North America, I had a surge of excitement to blog. Relive all my memories and scroll through the thousands of photos I had taken over the years. Beaming with energy to share the unseen photos and share the stories untold, I was ready to dive into the world of travel blogging. However, after a while scrolling through those photos and reliving the memories, they began to engulf me. I started just wishing I was back in Spain living that lifestyle I had to learn to love. I became trapped with the ideas of how my life used to be I forget about the one in front of me.


The whole concept of reverse culture shock is a hard notion to grasp unless you’ve lived through it. Today I still find myself battling constantly with the ideas of comparison. What life used to be versus what it is today. There versus here. Then versus now. Giving into the ploy of society I knew it was time for the next step, either use my college degree or map out a new path.

I struggle with this ON THE DAILY, constantly debating with myself what the “right” thing to do is. I think the whole purpose of young adulthood is figuring out there is no “right” thing to do. Everyone’s right thing has to be different, right? Otherwise, we’d be identical robot clones and that has sci-fi horror movie written all over it. And probably ends with world domination from our master control board.

Anyways, that brings me to the now and why my blog has been so quiet lately. A little life update for anyone out that this is curious. If you’ve been following along my blog for the past few years, bless you, you wonderful human and thank you sincerely! The reason I have been so stagnant and quiet lately is upon my return to the North American society I had decided to pursue a career in nursing. Funny enough, my round one at university the idea of becoming a nurse always lurked in the back of my mind but I never felt compelled enough to do it, rather watch from the sidelines and learn without the pressure of having a grade attached to each curious question I asked. I have the most profound respect for each and every nurse out there. Both my parents are nurses and I’ve worked in and around hospitals the majority of my working adulthood. So here it goes.

The hardest part of going back to school is the balance of the ‘almost-thirty-year-old’ lifestyle. Health, gym, social life, work life, bills & paychecks, savings, sleep and being the dreamer and travel addict that I am. Let’s just say it’s hard standing in the middle of that see-saw. And, I obviously haven’t figured it out yet. I haven’t been to the gym in months, some days I sleep less than five hours, I’m in debt while trying to figure out how to save for nursing school without drowning in the inevitable loan (because the American education system is shiiieeettt but not really but yes) that I will have to take out.

Sadly blogging and traveling has taken a backseat while I attempt to complete school. Which is why my blog has been so quiet lately. My travel addiction has been itching to go on a new adventure or try some exotic food in the middle of a jungle, but sadly (but also not sadly) I have begun the adventure of education. Which brings me to today. So if you’re a random stranger that is reading this and can resonate with the whole concept of being lost in today’s society of “next steps”, “must dos”, or “right paths” just know you aren’t alone. If you ever wanna chat about the confusing-ness of looking at the fork in the road, hola at me!

My Blogging Hiatus | North America | Chasing Krista
So… plans for the future, this is mostly for me. A brief glimpse into my what my journal is scribbled with. In between the endless to-do lists and the constant addition of bucket list ideas, life’s gotta happen; and this is what I am hoping to accomplish in the next two years.

  • Finish pre-requisites (coming soon: December 2018!)
  • Apply, get in, pass and graduate from nursing school
  • Graduation present to myself: AFRICA!
    • let me know if you have any favorite places or tips or want to join 🙂
  • Watch some of my favorite people marry their best friends
  • Watch two of my best friends become mothers
  • Keep dreaming of seeing every country on this glorious, mysterious, beautiful, messy planet


Random thought…have you ever gone on a blog/social media hiatus and found it hard to jump back in? For me, not only has time not been on my side but I have found some hesitation in finding the right post to share or write the right blog. Curious how your journey was getting back into the world of blogging!✌🏽



4 Replies to “My Blogging Hiatus”

  1. I so relate!! Returning to my hometown and getting in many ways a “dream job” has been a lot harder than I would expect. I suppose I am also working towards a Master’s degree, recently married, and running a small school, so I need to give myself a little break. I am definitely on my own see-saw! P.S. My name is Krista and I taught a year in Thailand after graduating with a four year education degree. I would also LOVE to plan a trip to Africa.


  2. Life is the journey!

    Whether it involves airline tickets, learning a new skill, embracing a new love or remembering someone who has passed — every day you rise from bed a new journey unfolds.

    Thank you for sharing your journey!❤️


  3. I’m always afraid that if I ever stop blogging, I will never come back to it. Or more like I wouldn’t know where to start again ahah!
    Btw your graduation present looks awesome 😀 Good luck with nursing school 🙂


    1. aww thank you so much Lyne, that means a lot to me!! It was quite the struggle to dive back into to actually posting, i have loads of drafts and uncompleted posts just sitting there haha!!


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