The Application Process

First off, congrats amigos! Being on this page means that you are considering teaching English in Spain! It’s a whirlwind of an adventure that I would recommend anyone and everyone to go on. Whether you’ve just graduated from college, unsure of the next steps or you are just looking for an adventure; teaching English in Spain is perfect for you! It’s an opportunity to mold young minds, try and remember all the grammar rules your 3rd-grade teacher taught you; while being able to embrace the culture of España 🇪🇸

When I first applied to the program (back in 2015), there were very few guides on how to apply. The pathway from sitting on your bed typing to landing in Spain. It was a clusterf*ck, the pages were in Spanish, meaning those that barely knew Spanish would have to translate each individual page. Nightmare. But you’ll soon come to learn how things work in Spain and it’ll all make sense.
This is a brief outline of the “application process”

Buenas suerte mi amigo!

*keep in mind: the process is based on first come, first serve. Apply early. Application opens from January 9, 2018 – April 6, 2018*

Applying to Teach in Spain | Chasing Krista


  • You have to have a valid US 🇺🇸  or Canadian 🇨🇦  passport
  • By the start of the program, you need to hold a BS or BA (a college degree)
  • Your native language: English or French
  • Be healthy – you will be required to submit a medical clearance
  • Pass a background check

Majority of teaching assistants are between the ages of 21 to 35, and although they say that being fluent in Spanish is not a requirement, it is helpful to have a basic understanding of the language. Download Duolingo and start practicing today! Before applying, I would highly recommend printing out the 2018-2019 GUIDELINES; looking everything over, making sure you have all the valid documents, your passport is up to date, etc. It is an 18 paged PDF that breaks down the process of applying, which is a lot of pages and a lot of information but, don’t fret because I am still going to do that for you!

*if at any point, something isn’t working or loading properly, you might want to change your browser – I have learned that Google Chrome works the best*

Before we dive into what exactly a Profex is, let’s gather the documents that you will need throughout the application process. AND determine which address you will be sending your documents to, which is on page 12/13 of the Guidelines or just look below. AND make a note of the important dates.

Applying to Teach in Spain | Chasing Krista

  • Gather these copies and documents
    • Copy of the main page of your passport
    • Copy of official college degree
    • Sign and dated letter of intent
      • Basically, why you want to participate in this program, it can be written in English or Spanish
  • Things that will be mailed to your state’s consulate from the photo above: PDF document that is generated after you complete your online application

To actually apply to the program, you need to do it through a system known as the Profex. It is a tad bit confusing, in Spanish and tends to trash frequently. Click to open the PDF for your Profex Application Process; it is super helpful! I am going to walk you through the process as well, with step by step instructions and screenshots.

Step 1: Click -> Cultural Ambassadors: North American Language and Culture Assistants in Spain

Step 2: Click Access Profex
Applying to Teach in Spain | Chasing Krista

Step 3: Click “Mantenimiento del CV”
step 3

Step 4:

  • if this is your first time logging in, click “REGISTRARSE”
  • if you already have your PROFEX information, enter it and click “ACCEDER”
    Applying to Teach in Spain | Chasing Krista

Step 5: Setting up your PROFEX account, meaning you don’t have a login and you clicked “REGISTRARSE”

Applying to Teach in Spain | Chasing Krista

Step 6: Fill in the information

  • En caso de seleccionar “Otro” especifica cuál = PASSPORT, always use your passport number
  • they state that it is preferred to have a Gmail account 🤷🏼‍♀️
  • use a password you will remember, or write it down somewhere


  • Step 7: You will receive a confirmation email, shortly. Once you receive that email, confirm your account and log in (see step 4)

Step 8: * I had to borrow this one from the PDF because I can’t register as a new user
Applying to Teach in Spain | Chasing KristaStep 9: Create your CV – basically enter in all your personal and education information
stepy 9.png

Click “Alta” to enter or modify any data.

Step 10: After you fill all your information out, select “2018 – Auxilares…extranjero,” then “Actualizar”
Applying to Teach in Spain | Chasing Krista

Step 11: Add your documents: **mine looks a little different because I have already applied in past years, so I am going to borrow from the PDF**
Applying to Teach in Spain | Chasing Krista

Step 12: Locations! Click Espana and you will be directed to a list of cities. You can choose ONE city in EACH group, highest to lowest. Once you finished ranking them: click “GUARDAR DATOS”
Applying to Teach in Spain | Chasing KristaBreakdown of the Regions: Applying to Teach in Spain | Chasing Krista


Step 13: Click: “SIGUIENTE”, then click  “INGLES” you are planning on teaching English.
englishStep 14: PRINT & SIGN ✔️

Applying to Teach in Spain | Chasing Krista


Stages of the Application: 

There are a total of FIVE stages of the application: inscrita, registrada, admitida, adjudicado/candidato seleccionado, aceptada. Once you’ve reached aceptada, you have been ACCEPTED into the program and you’re going to Espana! Keep in mind, that the process from inscrita to aceptada is loooooooong, very long and will require a ton of patience. I did a ton of pacing during those months. Yes, months. You will most likely apply now January/February and not receive until August.

After you finished and submit your profex, your status will be inscrita. In order to get your status to change to registrada, you need to print your PDF and mail all your necessary documents to your consulate. After your consulate and some people in Spain review all your documents, your status will change to admitida, which means you have done everything correctly and you have been admitted into the program. YAAA, congrats friend! Now, comes the hardest part: waiting! You staus will, many months later, change to adjudicado/candidato seleccionado which means you have been assigned a school. You have seven days to accept this placement or the spot will be given to someone else. Once you have accepted your offer, your status will be aceptada and CONGRATS, YOU ARE ON YOUR WAY TO SPAIN, then you will receive your carta de nombramiento, this is like your golden ticket. It tells you which school and neighborhood you have been assigned to and you will need it for many more documents (visa, regreso, etc) to come. So, print it, copy it and store it somewhere safe!



So? Are you a little less confused than when you first stumbled upon the site? Do you feel a tad bit more relaxed about the whole process? Still, have questions? Let me know!
Have you done the program before? I would love to hear how your experience was!