Puebla & Cholula

Puebla City is the largest and the capital city of the state of Puebla. In 1531, in a small area known as Cuetlaxcoapan (which means where the serpents change their skin), the town of Puebla City was born. Understandably so, because when you enter Puebla it is like walking through a rainbow; every building and street are decorated with bold and vibrant colors. The state itself is famous for mole poblano (a spicy chocolate sauce),  and the beautiful and detailed Talavera pottery.

☝🏼 fun facts: Puebla is the fourth largest city in Mexico, home to a number of students who come from all around the world to study here. And, the world’s largest Volkswagen factory (excluding Germany) is located here.  If you have ever seen the mystical photo of a bright yellow church on top of a pyramid with a volcano gleaming the background (yes, it is real), that magical location is in Cholula and on a cloudless day the view itself is jaw-dropping. Naturally, it was way too cloudy to even spot the volcano and the clouds affected the brightest the yellow church gleamed in.

Puebla & Cholula | Chasing Krista | Mexico City The tour itself picks you up early morning and takes you through the town of Cholula to admire at Church of Our Lady of the Remedies and the Pyramid of Cholula. However, due to the recent earthquake, the church itself was closed at the time of our visit.

Puebla & Cholula | Chasing Krista | Mexico CityPuebla & Cholula | Chasing Krista | Mexico City, MexicoIMG_3130IMG_3341IMG_3361IMG_3192

Puebla and Cholula | Chasing Krista | Mexico City

IMG_6198IMG_5875Puebla & Cholula | Chasing Krista | Mexico City, Mexico

Then, you head to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Puebla. Visit the 16th century Church of Santo Domingo and the Chapel of the Rosary (☝🏼considered the eighth wonder of the art world). Experience an authentic Puebla lunch with the option to try the famous mole sauce. Lastly, marvel at the detail and design of the Talavera ceramic factories; buy as much as you think you can fit in your suitcase and head back to Mexico City.


Puebla and Cholula | Chasing Krista | Mexico City


Have you experienced Puebla and Cholula? What were your thoughts? Drop me some of your most colorful 🌈  photos!

Puebla & Cholula | Chasing Krista | Puebla, MexicoPuebla & Cholula | Chasing Krista | Puebla, Mexico

6 Replies to “Puebla & Cholula”

  1. Hi Krista! Puebla looks so beautiful – it seems like you had an incredible time there! Thanks for sharing this with us


  2. I have been to Mexico a couple of time but have never visited either Puebla or Cholula. Is the latter tied to the famous Cholula hot sauce by any chance? That’s reason enough for me to go. 🙂 Lovey photos as well. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Beautiful captures! It looks like wherever you go, you are completely immersed in the culture and history of the area. You are so right that it is like jumping into a rainbow with how vibrant everything is. Just gorgeous!


  4. I want to go to Puebla so bad! My friend Steph (from Joy and Journey) lives there and she absolutely adores it. I love all the colors and details everywhere (gotta take it all in vie blog posts bc Boston is so brown and gross right now lol)


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