Tasty Bites in Mexico City

TACOS 🌮  ARE LIFE, we all know this fact of life. A taco lover in Mexico City, you will be in heaven with all of the Taqueria options, but it can certainly get overwhelming. Trying to find the best (and cleanest) taco place can seem daunting. My advice to overcome this daunting task? Tasty Bites Food Tour. With Tasty Bites, we were guided through El Centro and discovered some of the most mouth-watering flavors in Mexico City.

Tasty Bites was founded by a Vancouver native, who followed his passion for tacos and traveling, to Mexico City. He created a food tour that takes lucky participants through the heart of Mexico City’s most beautiful and delicious neighborhoods, all while sampling some of Mexico’s iconic flavors. Through his three hours guided tours, you will have the opportunity to sample exotic flavors while learning about the roots of Mexico City and observing the captivating architecture that has shaped that city for years. Choose between three dynamic neighborhoods: El Centro, Condesa or Roma Norte and let your taste buds go wild!

Our first stop was Tacos Aranadas, a small town stand on the side of a busy street. Here we only sampled one delicious Al Pastor taco despite wanting to try every single one. A true foodie knows that pacing yourself is essential on a food tour. The last thing you want is becoming too full for tacos that you have to skip the last few stops; GASP, I know. We could never. Pace yourself. You can always come back tomorrow.

Another important note to make while attending any food tour in any city, pay attention to holidays. Even though back home, the day after New Years everything returns to the hustle bustle that was; certain cities prolong their vacation and businesses stay closed for longer (America could take some hints, #morevacationtimeplease). Because we chose to partake on this taco tour during the holiday season certain restaurants and taquerias held irregular hours, meaning they were closed when we arrived.

Tasty Bites in Mexico City | Chasing Krista | Mexico CityTasty Bites in Mexico City | Chasing Krista | Mexico City

Tasty Bites in Mexico City | Chasing Krista | Mexico CityOur second taco stop Tacos De Canasta Los Especiales. HOLY GUACAMOLE; literally. They had guacamole in giant tubs. It was basically like walking through one of my dreams; swimming in that spicy, lumpy green avocado deliciousness. We had randomly walked past it previously and the line was around the corner; after tasting their tacos I can easily understand why.                                    Tasty Bites in Mexico City | Chasing Krista | Mexico CityTasty Bites in Mexico City | Chasing Krista | Mexico City









IMG_5520Tasty Bites in Mexico City | Chasing Krista | Mexico CityTasty Bites in Mexico City | Chasing Krista | Mexico City

Taqueria Los Cocuyos, another stop on the tour, served the suadero taco one of the best tacos I’ve ever had, EVER. Tried some lengua (cow tongue 👅 )….not my favorite…. but, give it a try!

Tasty Bites in Mexico City | Chasing Krista | Mexico City



Tasty Bites in Mexico City | Chasing Krista | Mexico City


Tasty Bites in Mexico City | Chasing Krista | Mexico City

The last place we visited was elhuequito. The staff was the sweetest and the tacos were indescribable; with the perfect spiciness of the sauce.


Tasty Bites in Mexico City | Chasing Krista | Mexico City

And finally, you can’t partake on a taco food tour in Mexico City without having tequila, duh.


Due to it being the holiday season–some the of taco places were closed; therefore we weren’t able to experience every delicious taco place that Robert had on his list, but the ones that we went to did not disappoint, and my taste buds were beyond delighted. Can’t wait to return to Mexico City to try another one of Tasty Bite’s Food Tours!

Tasty Bites in Mexico City | Chasing Krista | Mexico City

Special thanks to Robert with Tasty Bites; for inviting us on this delicious tour! You have the most incredible food tour in all of Mexico. The delicious flavors, fascinating history lessons, and the unforgettable tequila tastings made for an afternoon to remember! Can’t wait to return to Mexico City and try the other tours!

And, a very special thanks to my always TPIC (travel partner in crime) Katy; the girl that goes with me, literally, everywhere and to her new iPhone X, I approve.

Tasty Bites in Mexico City | Chasing Krista | Mexico City


Are you heading to Mexico City soon? I could not recommend this tour ENOUGH! GO! GO! GO! and eat all the tacos for me! 

Tasty Bites in Mexico City | Chasing Krista | Mexico City, MexicoTasty Bites in Mexico City | Chasing Krista | Mexico City, Mexico

17 Replies to “Tasty Bites in Mexico City”

  1. Oh my lanta tacos are literally my favorite food and this post has my mouth watering! I think I just ate vicariously through you! ❤


  2. As any American living abroad (except those in Mexico!) will tell you, the ONE thing we miss the most is Mexican food. Seriously. It’s uncanny often I’ve heard that. You’re making me so hungry!! Those tacos look delicious and I would absolutely love to visit Mexico city. Food tours are fun but some groups are better than others, thanks for highlighting a good experience you had!


  3. They look delicious. Straight from the Mexico City street. I’m still looking for real Mexican taste here in the U.S. because the ones here I think it’s westernized already.


  4. I swear tacos are THE messiest food in the world! I don’t think I’ve ever managed to eat one without spilling half of it down my front!! Great pictures! I love the ‘action shot’ ones!


    1. Hi Kylieuk, the trick is to not move the taco. Hold the taco level and still and use your neck to bring your mouth to the taco.


      1. That’s what I try to do but I find that when I bite into it the shell cracks into a million pieces!


    2. Ahh, its because you’re eating hard shell tacos. If you try authentic tacos with soft corn tortillas they don’t break apart and are easier to eat.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Looks delish! And may I say you’re possibly the only person in the world who actually looks good while eating tacos? haha.


  6. Ahh tacos are life indeed. This made me crave tacos so bad! I loved those tacos in Mexico City, I had so many when I was there! I’d love to do a tour like this next time though


  7. Oh wow, I have never wanted tacos more than after reading this post. This looks like such a fun time. Can’t wait to try if I get to Mexico City!


  8. Tacos in Mexico are the BEST! I am so looking forward to going back there and trying one of these food tours. Thanks for sharing, girl!


  9. Tacos are my favorite, so I would love to do this tour. Everything looks so good, you are making me hungry!


  10. Ever since I had a Mexican roommate in collage, I’m IN LOVE with Mexican food!! 😀 These are mouthwatering ❤ And I loved "HOLY GUACAMOLE" hahahaha! Great read!


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