A Peek to the Past – 2017

HELLO & WELCOME 2018, so sorry I am a tad behind on schedule considering it is almost February. Crazy to think that 2018 is already here, and 2017 whizzed right by us. I am desperately trying to get life to slow down, take a step back, enjoy the people I have in my life and little things more.

Looking back, 2017 was the year of weekend adventure, the year that rollercoaster-ed my emotions, challenged me in new discoveries, taught me lessons, tested me, made me understand more deeply the power of patience. I was hoping it would help me figure out the plan of life, but unfortunately, we are still toggling around a number of storylines. Still. At least I have it narrowed down to two career paths. (But, obviously, I still want to be a princess, that is and will always be number one goalz).

*click some (not all, I am still very behind on my posts #life) of the photos if you want to read more about that destination and my time there*

A Peek to the Past - 2017 | Chasing Krista |

This post is mostly for me but I wanted to share it with you as well because why not, maybe we went on some of the same adventures or discoveries about ourselves. Maybe you are struggling with career paths, like me. Maybe you were once in my shoes. Maybe you can throw some advice or life-altering facts at me. Maybe you want to chitchat all your options out and I am an ear to listen! Who knows. The world is big. Let’s talk about it.

January 2017: Bangkok, Thailand & Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Our holidays spent in Beijing, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur were made on a whim. Of course, we had been discussing and talking about the option to go to Asia for Christmas (it was cheaper to fly from Europe to Asia than it was from Europe to North America for the holidays). And Bangkok holds a very special place in my heart, so after some bottle of wine, we were sitting on my living room floor and our flights were confirmed!

Ayutthaya, Thailand:
A Peek to the Past - 2017 | Chasing Krista | Thailand

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:
A Peek to the Past - 2017 | Chasing Krista | Malaysia

February 2017: Edinburgh, Scotland & Cadiz, Spain

My dreams of being a princess which heightened with our trip to Edinburgh, which became one of my favorite cities in Europe. Also, learned that drinking whiskey the night before you go on a tour of a whiskey distillery – bad idea.
Cadiz in February is known for having a massive Halloweenish party called La Carnival. So, naturally, I had to experience it. I tried octopus, which was salty.  Also, was feeling the selfie stick on this trip.

Edinburgh, Scotland:


Cadiz, Spain:


March 2017: Milan and Verona, Italy & Munich, Germany & Skopje, Macedonia and Sofia, Bulgaria & Rome, Italy

March started off celebrating a birthday of my dear amiga, Carissa, in Milan combined with cheering on some friends in a marathon (while we ate gelato) in Verona, the city of loooove which I loved each and every gelato I devoured. Then, I drank beer in Munich, bought some fragile painted eggs. Followed by meeting some of the nicest people in Sofia, got bed bugs from a van in Skopje. Lastly, took my parents to Rome to marvel at the Colosseum and learn about the history of the Romans (which was worth more than anything I could describe) and of course, ate more gelato.

Milan, Italy

A Peek to the Past - 2017 | Chasing Krista | Italy

Skopje, MacedoniaA Peek to the Past - 2017 | Chasing Krista | Macedonia

Rome, Italy
A Peek to the Past - 2017 | Chasing Krista | Italy

April 2017: Florence, Italy & Berlin, Germany & Kiev, Ukraine & Budapest, Hungary & Tallin, Estonia & Riga, Latvia & Oslo and Trondheim, Norway

April was a popping month for travel, my amazing parents came to visit me and we explored parts of Italy. April was also Semana Santa (or Easter holiday) therefore we didn’t have school for a few weeks. Taking full advantage of that and still wanting to conquer my 28 countries, the two weeks was jam-packed with beautiful cities.

Florence, ItalyA Peek to the Past - 2017 | Chasing Krista | Italy

Berlin, GermanyA Peek to the Past - 2017 | Chasing Krista | Germany

Kiev, UkraineA Peek to the Past - 2017 | Chasing Krista | Ukraine

Budapest, HungaryA Peek to the Past - 2017 | Chasing Krista | Hungary

Tallin, EstoniaA Peek to the Past - 2017 | Chasing Krista | Estonia

Riga, LatviaA Peek to the Past - 2017 | Chasing Krista | Latvia

Trondheim, Norway A Peek to the Past - 2017 | Chasing Krista | Norway

May 2017: Oslo, Norway & Madrid, Spain

March and April, I was basically the Tasmanian devil of travel, and my carbon footprints & airline miles had skyrocketed, May was dedicated to exploring the city I once loathed, then learn to love so hard I never wanted to leave it. Still sad I left.

Oslo, Norway
A Peek to the Past - 2017 | Chasing Krista | Norway

Madrid, SpainA Peek to the Past - 2017 | Chasing Krista | Spain

June 2017: Marrakech, Morocco & whole country, Cyprus & Athens, Greece

June included Marrakech because I wasn’t leaving without riding a camel on a Wednesday #bucketlistitem. (Please tell me you get it: #humpday). Marrakech opened my eyes to the Berber Villages and the exquisite nature and landscape that is not the desert. Cyrpus was the last country on my list, and I DID IT! 28 COUNTRIES IN TWO YEARS! I conquered the European Union! It is a pretty amazing feeling to cross something that huge off your bucket list. And, Cyrpus was a gorgeous country. Got burnt, learned to drive on the opposite side of the road and lost a hubcap. Cyrpus is home to the last divided capital in the world, fascinating, drove over ate some pizza and beer. Then hopped, skipped and jumped over to Athens; which has slowly stolen a place in my heart. Never really thought that after the first time, I would go back to Athens. Three times later and I am still jaw-dropping at the Acropolis and shoving as many gyros in my mouth as possible.

Marrakech, Morocco
A Peek to the Past - 2017 | Chasing Krista | Morocco

Nicosia, Cyprus
A Peek to the Past - 2017 | Chasing Krista | Cyprus

Athens, Greece
A Peek to the Past - 2017 | Chasing Krista | Greece

July 2017: Toronto, Ontario & Seattle, Washington

I left Madrid, after two years and countless adventures. THOUGHT PROVOKING QUESTION WORLD: if I think about something every single day for the past six months, (like moving back to Madrid) what should I do about it? Before heading back home and to my parentals; I had to stop in the original homeland: Toronto, Ontario. The greatest city in Canada, duh, with the greatest grandparents. Then headed to Seattle. Hello, bed.

Leaving Madrid 😭
A Peek to the Past - 2017 | Chasing Krista | Spain

Toronto, Ontario
A Peek to the Past - 2017 | Chasing Krista | Ontario

Augst 2017: Teton, Idaho & Los Angeles, California

Since I was jobless and cringing to my daily task of filling out cover letters and stalking people on LinkedIn, which clearly was getting me nowhere. I decided to move to Teton, Idaho to help my bestie’s mom rehabilitate her broken knee.


September 2017: Teton, Idaho & Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Spent the month, hiking through the Grand Teton’s (learning my lesson about using bear spray and a map) and exploring Jackson Hole, Wyoming. If you go, make sure you get some huckleberry ice cream.

A Peek to the Past - 2017 | Chasing Krista | Idaho

October 2017: Seattle, Washington

Home again. And I got a job, 🙌🏼 time to pay off that credit card bill.  And in America, fall/autumn means football, more importantly, University of Washington Husky Football!

Seattle, Washington
A Peek to the Past - 2017 | Chasing Krista | Washington

November 2017: Seattle, Washington & Chico, California

Still home. Still working. Still daydreaming about moving back to Europe. Still undecided about a potential career path. Yeah, so just in the ‘still’ phase. But, I was reunited with my best friend which makes life perfect. She also did my hair which looks flawless as always. You can tell bvy the number of selfies I shamelessly took afterward. (Click the photo!)

Chico, CaliforniaA Peek to the Past - 2017 | Chasing Krista | California

December 2017: Seattle, Washington & Mexico City, Mexico

Christmas and being home with the family was perfection. Except, for the fact that I am getting old (ugh #adultingsucks) so getting underwear and toothpaste is basically a godsend. I told myself that I would make 50 countries before the end of 2017. December 28th, 2017 I landed for the first time in the country of Mexico, my number 50!
A Peek to the Past - 2017 | Chasing Krista | Washington

Mexico City, Mexico
Six Days In Mexico City | Chasing Krista | Mexico City

Well, 2017 you were remarkable, memorable, adventurous and so much more. I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store. Tell me how your 2017 was? What were some of your highlights?





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