Six Days In Mexico City

Mexico City is a huuuuuuge city, not only in population size (being one of the largest metropolitan cities in the world) but also the amount of exploration to discover everything in and around Mexico City.

Mexico City is broken up into little neighborhoods, each with its own charm and appeal. With six days in Mexico City, you would think it would be ample amount of time to explore in and around the city, but we combined those six days with four trips outside of Mexico City and a lazy day because we forgot it was a holiday and everything was closed and found out we could have used one more day or two. (Or maybe we were both dreading the return to adulthood and responsibilities).

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Six Days In Mexico City | Chasing Krista | Mexico City, Mexico

*scroll down to the very bottom to get your Mexico City In A Nutshell Itinerary*


Day 1: Wander the Streets

Arrive at the Mexico City International Airport and be reunited into Katy’s arms. We researched before the price & time it would cost us to get from the airport to the hostel; being the savvy and financially responsible people we are. We metro-ed it. Look for an orange box, fill your card with the max 40pesos. Go outside. Find bus number four. An hour of driving through El Centro, we arrived at our hostel. Walked up about 500 stairs, dumped our stuff and went to explore.

Tacos and exploring are just about all that we conquered on day one.



Six Days In Mexico City | Chasing Krista | Mexico City

Day One:

Explore the streets of El Centro, practice your Spanish, eat a taco 🌮 or six.

Plaza Santo Domingo is the smaller and less crazy plaza in El Centro. This plaza was once known for artists and printers; today is home to street vendors selling the likes of Mexican decor and flare. North of the plaza stands the small church of Santo Domingo, built in 1737 and was the first Dominican monastery to be established in Mexico. The building with the large horse statue in front is the Palacio de Minería (Palace of Mines); designed by Mexican architect Manuel Tolsá, this neoclassical building is where mining engineers were trained in the 19th century.



Palacio de Correos de Mexico is located in the heart of El Centro, between Plaza Santo Domingo and Bellas Artes. This gorgeous building is the fully functioning post office of Mexico City.  Adamo Boari, the Italian architect responsible for the Italian stone facade will transport you back in time to an Italian atmosphere, with the classic Roman columns and his delicate jewel work showcased around the windows.



Palacio de Bellas Artes is the cultural center of Mexico City. Certain times of the year, some of the most prominent events in the arts (music, dance, theatre, art, literature) are held here. The top floor decorated with elaborate white marble is home to some of the most famous murals fashioned by Mexican artists.

“Climb to the Cafe Porfirio on the 8th floor of the Sears building, order cafe de olla and have the most stunning view of Bellas Arts from above.” 



Right behind (and the left a little) of Bellas Arts is a street market, you can buy little trinkets or souvenirs, eat cakes or tacos. Most importantly, you can get a bag of crickets, add a little seasoning and munch on them (as if they were almonds or candies) OR you can ask for it in a taco and lather it in a spicy hot sauce. Either way, you’re in Mexico City so why not give it a try. People seem to rave about them.

Try a cricket 🦗 taco 🌮!





Make sure you get more tacos!



Day Two: Monarch Butterfly Migration Tour

Our second day in Mexico City was dedicated to fulfilling bucket list dreams and butterflies. In case you didn’t know (which I had absolutely no idea of anything related to these butterflies), monarch butterflies (the orange and black ones) cannot survive in cold climates (unlike other butterflies which can survive colder temperatures as a larva or even certain species, as adults). Solely based on environmental cues and their survival skills, every autumn and winter colonies of monarch butterflies migrate from the United States to the south (Mexico and Southern California – depending on the species of monarch butterflies).

Each year these butterflies fly around 3500 miles to the forest of Michoacan, turning the trees orange and speckling the clear blue sky. The arrival of these butterflies coincides with Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) in early November. Mexicans believe that these butterflies are souls of the deceased returning to Mexico.

TIME OUT ☝🏼. Let’s just reflect for a minute, because I love animals.  These beautiful creatures (which we need in the food chain life to survive), are just like “okay guys, 🦋 it is getting cold. Formation. Let’s fly south.”  Then, two months later they are soaking in the sunshine, and sipping on some nectar in Mexico; continuing the circle of life and the food chain that our environment thrives on. Remarkable. If you are still super curious about these winged beauties flying thousands of miles every year, check out this NatGeo article.

Our tour was construction through Viator; which took us to El Rosario, the butterfly sanctuary (protected by every country in North America), and El Oro.  It is a full day tour, so starting super early, your guide will pick you up at your hotel, about a three-hour drive (or so) to the butterfly sanctuary. El Rosario included a horse ride up with a hike to witness the cluster of monarch colonies, a 2km hike back to the entrance where a droolingly delicious homemade meal was waiting for you. Afterwards, on your journey back to El Centro of Mexico City, you’ll stop in El Oro, a magical pueblo of Mexico.

Sadly, we when witness one of natures greatest phenomenal it was a cloudy morning, ⛅️ meaning that the butterflies were still sleeping in their cluster of colonies. So we were unable to capture the vibrant orange soaring around the trees. You’ll have to plan a trip and see them with your very own eyeballs.




El Oro:



This was probably one of the most amazing tours we did, not because of the breathtaking views and drooling food but because of the people and our tour guides. They were so friendly and gave us loads of information (mostly about food) and our tour guides answered every question we asked and gave us beautiful handmade mugs from El Oro. I already miss them.

Day Three: Early Morning Teotihuacán & Tequila

A majority of people, historians, and archaeologists believe that Teotihuacán is the site where the universe was created. MINDBLOWN. I was most excited about this tour with Viator, not only did it state that we would have our own private archeologist (and I am always bursting with questions related to ancient temples) but we were doing the early morning tour, which means no one would be in my photos!

Six Days In Mexico City | Chasing Krista | Mexico City, Mexico Except, not. The morning started out a little rocky & we didn’t get breakfast. Our bus was 40 minutes late and there were 50+ people waiting to go on the same tour. That took a little bit of the personalized magic away from me, and the 40 minute delayed meant that we weren’t the first to arrive. Meh, but anywho, the site itself was momentous; learning about the Mayans and Aztecs and the influences they hold on today’s society in Mexico, was captivating.

Click here or any of the photos to hear all about Teotihuacan & Tequila. 

Six Days In Mexico City | Chasing Krista | Mexico CitySix Days In Mexico City | Chasing Krista | Mexico City

Six Days In Mexico City | Chasing Krista | Mexico City

Six Days In Mexico City | Chasing Krista | Mexico City

Day Four: Tasty Bites Food Tour

We were invited by Robert, the founder of Tasty Bites Food Tour to embark on a delicious adventure around El Centro of Mexico City, sampling various flavors of tacos. HEAVEN. IT WAS SIMPLE HEAVEN.

Six Days In Mexico City | Chasing Krista | Mexico City

Click any of the photos to learn more about our scrumptious and delicious Tasty Bites Food Tour







Day Five: New Years Day, aimlessly roaming

For some reason, we didn’t correlate that New Years Day would mean that a majority of places would be closed. We planned to do the Chapultepec Castle, Frida Kahlo’s House, and the Archaeology Museum buuuuut they were closed. We decided to explore Condesa and Roma (the hipster, chic neighborhoods of Mexico City) instead, thinking that at least some cafes would be open or we’d be able to photoshoot against street art. But, the front desk of our hostel convinced us to explore Xochimilco – the neighborhood with the vibrantly neon colored boats and floating flower market. By metro & train, it was only a little hour away so we figured why not.


When Mexico City or nearby neighborhoods are empty due to the holiday, I don’t suggest exploring them on your own. To be honest, this was one of the very few times in life that I felt unsafe. It took us an hour(ish) to get there, we got off the metro and followed the crowd and signs to the boat docks. Everyone around was Mexican, knew where they were going and didn’t seem to be there for touristy reasons. I hate saying this, I really do. But we listened to all the stereotypes and held our bags a little tighter, while youngster wannabe sped by on their bikes, and decided it wasn’t worth it. After we reached the boats and were haggled to jump aboard (two while girls on a huge ass boat), called some pretty nasty names because we kept saying no, we snapped some photos then made the smart decision to head back to El Centro.

*If you plan on going during normal times (ie: not a holiday), I would advise going with a group, the boats are indeed large and would be financially smarter and safer to have at least five people or so.*



IMG_2920Artesanias Ciudadela is a flea market to buy just about anything you want. Thankfully, it was completely closed. Not all shops were open and we were basically the only ones walking around but here is where you go to buy, well anything. I was too distracted to actually take photos of anything.



Condesa and Roma Norte, are the two chic and hipster neighborhoods in Mexico City; known for their funky, cool street art, artsy and fashionable cafes. It is basically where you go to find the hottest Instagram spots (😂 ).
But, nevertheless a holiday = everything closed.



Day Six: Puebla & Cholula Day Trip

We again chose Viator to take us on a day trip to the magical cities of Puebla and Cholula. You may have seen photos of a gorgeous yellow church with a giant volcano right behind it, that my friends is Cholula and on a clear and cloudless day, the view of the church and the world’s largest pyramid is jaw-dropping. After you witness this magical landscape, you venture towards the magic town where it looks as if a rainbow exploded: Puebla.

Click the photos to read more about our experience visiting these magical towns.

Six Days In Mexico City | Chasing Krista

Six Days In Mexico City | Chasing Krista | Mexico City


Day Seven: Adios Mexico City

But, we can’t leave Mexico City without last-minute tacos and ice cream, of course!

IMG_6199Six Days In Mexico City | Chasing Krista | Mexico City

When you find a travel partner in life, willing to go to the edges of the world with you, spend hours doing photoshoots regardless of the judges and stares, plan your outfits together or not and end up matching perfectly, eat tongues and bugs together, keep them. Keep them forever. Thanks Katy for being my travel buddy for life, you’re stuck with me!

Katy takes gorgeous photos of all the places we’ve been together plus her own travel stories around the world, make sure you check her out: @katy_running_wild 

Find your favorite photo on her feed and be sure to leave some love or better yet, tell her I sent you there. I’m curious to see if it works 🤔

Mexico City In a Nutshell:

Day One: Explore El Centro: Church of Santo Domingo, Palacio de Minería, Palacio de Correos de Mexico Bellas Artes, Street Market, Casa de los Azulejos, and tacos & tacos & tacos.

Day Two: Monarch Butterfly Day Tour & El Oro Visit

Day Three: Teotihuacán Early Morning Tour & Tequila Tasting

Day Four: Tasty Bites Food Tour & Night Self Tour

Day Five: Xochimilco, Artesanias Ciudadela, Condesa & Roma Norte

Day Six: Puebla & Cholula Day Trip

Day Seven: Adios Mexico City

Have you been to Mexico City🇲🇽? What were some of your favorites? Show me your taco pictures!

*This blog may contain affiliate links, in others words, it may drop a penny in my piggy bank. I only endorse products I use and I love. Pinkie promise!*

32 Replies to “Six Days In Mexico City”

  1. Looks like you guys had an amazing trip. Excellent photos. The detailed itinerary is helpful and your description of the experiences virtually took me there. Keep up the good work.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Seems like a fabulous trip that you have had. Tacos tacos and more is definitely one thing that I got from your trip. Loved your “Hair raising” experience that you have captured. Really funny. Among all the places you visited, the Teotihuacan ruins would be my favorite. Cheers

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow! It looks like you had a great time and there is so much to do around Mexico City. I have only been there once and that was to catch a flight after a backpacking trip. I will be sure to check this stuff out when I go next. Those tacos look delish (except for the cricket one… omg!)


  4. This post has left me seriously wanderlusting for Mexico! I grew up in southern California, so we used to visit Tiajuana and the northern coast (Cabo, Rosarito, etc) pretty regularly, but I’ve never made it to Mexico City. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jealous you grew up so close to delicious tacos!! Never been to the north of Mexico but would love to one day!! I hope you get to go to Mexico City one day!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Mexico is so intriguing for me…and definitely a place I would go to experience ancient architecture, history and the culture. But the food is ad added temptation, since I love Mexican food! Great post!


    1. I love Mexican food too, tacos are my life!! AND the history is so fascinating, I feel like we don’t really learn much about it growing up so it was cool to learn about while being there!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I keep hearing about how amazing Mexico City is and you’ve sold me on it! Love all of your stories and your photos. Would you say that 6 days was the perfect amount of time to go there? Or could you do it in less…or do you need more?


    1. Aww that is so awesome to hear!! I think it depends, if you are just conquering Mexico City minus day trips then six days or four days would be perfect but if you wanted to do day trips to like Puebla or Teotihuacan- you would probably need to add days for those! Hope you get to go!!


  7. You are so lucky to have found a travel buddy. Although I love traveling alone, sometimes I need someone to share everything with 😍😍 in terms of Mexico City, I really really need to get there. You basically convinced me with all those pics of tacos 😁😁 yeah yeah, the other things were ok too… But the tacos… 😂😂


    1. Hahahaha! You are so great, I would love to travel with ya and get tacos!! And yeah finding a travel buddy is pretty amazing, I got lucky with Katy, she is a gem!


  8. Mexico city is such a vibrant and lively city. There’s so much to explore that even six days might not be enough. But for a time-starved traveler your itinerary is perfect. I love your idea of just wandering streets. I have got my best finds while doing nothing.


  9. If only Mexico city wasn’t THAT far. I know I would hog on tacos ALL day long, I absolutely love Mexican food. So nice to see you had fun, these are some great suggestions for planning a six-day itinerary and I will surely look through it in greater detail if and when I plan my trip. Thanks for sharing!


  10. Haha you tried the Crickets 😀 – I loved Mexico City and you did well to see so much in just 6 days – I spent 3 months in mexico and was in Mexico city for 2 weeks and still don’t think I saw everything, you’re so right the city is huge!! – If you go back you should try and get out to a lucha libre event (Mexican wrestling) even if you’re not a wrestling fan the event is so much fun – Also I want a taco right now haha


    1. I did hehe! Did you see the video? I was very reluctant at first then just went for it! Wow, three months in Mexico, I am insanely jealous! That sounds amazing! When I go back, that is definitely on the list! And hahaha i always want tacos!


  11. My family travels together and we all love Mexican food, the real authentic one. So far we have not ventured beyond Tulum. After reading your post, I am very interested to visit Mexico City. Like your story and photos.


    1. Haven’t made it to Tulum, quite yet but it is definitely on my list. It looks like a beautiful place to explore! Thank you for your sweet words!


  12. I love Mexico and have also wondered about Mexico City. I’m like you – I am always tempted to explore a few places surrounding a city, so I can’t blame you for doing it! I would also eat 6 tacos instead of one. 🙂 Haha! I love the Mayan ruins you visited and the butterfly tour in regards to their huge migration!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hahaha love it, why only have one taco when you can have six, right!? The history was so fascinating! I am glad I could to experience it!


  13. This post has me so envious. Mexico City is on my list. Your pictures are bringing up my desire even more. The food alone will make me happy. My go tour is viator. They are the best. By the way, what hotel did you stay at?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thank you for your sweet words! I’m glad I can inspire some wanderlust!! It is a beautiful city!! and TACOs are life haha! I actually stayed in a hostel: Mexico City Hostel (if you are searching for hostel, I would try elsewhere to be honest, but as for hotels, I’m not sure — hope that is somewhat helpful!)


  14. what a fun tour of Mexico City! I’ve always wanted to visit that butterfly sanctuary, and the Tasty Bites Tour looks awesome! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! The butterflies were incredible! And I LOVED the Tasty Bites Tour! I’m posting a indepth one later this week, keep your eyes peeled!


  15. Your excitement is so infectious. Each pic of yours spells out how much you have been enjoying this trip. And the pic with your hairs all straight up… ha ha.. thats so funny. You make Mexico city look so much more beautiful.


  16. I definitely see a theme to your Mexico City trip — Eating all the tacos! — and that is a theme I can definitely get behind! Only problem is I am hungry after reading this. I would love to visit Mexico City in the future and it looks like it is business as normal even after the earthquake. Bummer that you didn’t feel safe in Xochimilco but it seems like everywhere else was perfectly fine. I have been all over Mexico but the only time I have been in the DF was to catch a flight after busing in from Oaxaca. Now I wish I had spent a little more time checking out the city!


  17. Mexico City was pretty much THE CITY to visit of 2017 among most of my friends. I didn’t make it though. I’ve been dying to visit Teotihuacán since I read about it in an archaeology class in college. Thanks for showing me some awesome and unique things to do there!


  18. This post made me so hungry! I never knew how European Mexico City looked, it’s a shame that Mexico has such a bad rep in the States. Great balance of personal/funny and informative, keep it up!


  19. I am so glad I came across your blog! My buddy lives in Mexico City and he’s been begging me to come down to see him. Reading your blog has made me realize that I need to do this trip! Love your pictures and omg food tours are a must in any city! Cheers!


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