Avoidable Mistakes Every Auxiliar Makes

We all make mistakes. They are inevitable in life, and let’s be honest – you can’t be old and wise without being young and crazy first. When I first moved to España to become an English assistant with the Ministry of Culture; I made so many mistakes, I kid you not. So many. 😑 I was a mess, a destruction of a wreck, I did almost everything wrong. But, thankfully (somehow) it turned out alright and I ended up falling in love with Madrid. Luckily, you have me to help spell out all the mistakes I made so that you can avoid them.

Avoidable Mistakes Every Auxiliar de conversación Madrid Makes | Chasing Krista | Madrid, Spain

 These are some of the mistakes that I made as an Auxiliar de Conversacion in España:

Save Money

  • Moving in generally requires a lot of money in da bank,💰💸 moving to a foreign country is just the same. Especially, if you are doing a program that is notorious for late payments. There are a number of things that you will be responsible for in order to re-start your life. Rent, security deposits, food, cell phone, shoes, just to name a few. Plan it out, save it up. Make sure when you move to a foreign country you are coming with some savings in da bank.
    • I would suggest saving roughly 5K before moving to España (and that is on the higher side). You will be living on a comfortable cushion with that amount and able to jump-start your foreign lifestyle snugly.
      Avoidable Mistakes Every Auxiliar de conversación Madrid Makes | Chasing Krista | Madrid, Spain

L👀k first

  • Would you test drive a car before buying it? Or try shoes on before purchasing? Never solely trust the photos of a listing for a piso and commit to a contract without seeing the apartment first! I repeat, make sure you see the apartment with your eyeballs before placing your deposit.

Learn the language

  • Obviously, you don’t need to become fluent or a master of the language, but enough to ask questions and get established as a contributing member of their society.
    • Por ejemplo, learn the words needed to rent an apartment, open a bank account, ask the cost of bananas, open a gym membership, and so forth.

Don’t Settle

  • This new country, town, city is your new home, therefore making it feel like your home. Don’t spend the duration of your journey in an apartment you hate or with roommates you don’t get along with. Don’t settle because you think you’re only going to be there for 365 days, or settle because you are stressed on time.

*Be smart, plan shit*

  • The best way to enjoy your adventure as an auxiliar in Spain is to find a place you can actually call home, where you can unwind, relax, drink a bottle (or two) of vino in peace (or with your roommates who become your best friends).
Avoidable Mistakes Every Auxiliar de conversación Madrid Makes | Chasing Krista | Madrid, Spain
This was my twenty-something phone call, Facebook message, and showing. My second time actually moving.

Plan Ahead

  • In relation to the point, I made above, make sure you create some sort of plan that gives you enough time to find yourself an apartment. Look into renting an Airbnb, staying at a hostel or with friends for at least a month. Trust me, the hardest part about moving to Spain to become an auxiliar is finding accommodation.
    • You will need at least a month or so to find that dream room. If you take you less than a month no pasa nada, just cancel the rest of your stay.


  • Don’t do it. You may think that you need to bring every shade of your jeans, your hair straightener, and your favorite beauty products…but, you don’t! Most importantly, your hair equipment that requires you to plug into a socket isn’t going to work in Spain and you will end up blowing it up. Buy them once you get to Spain. Makeup, beauty products, deodorant, they do exist in Spain. Don’t worry about bring three Costco packages of Dove deodorant, they sell it in there.
    • In regards to your clothing packing skills, Europe has many cities that are considered the fashion capitals of the world; meaning you will definitely go shopping while living in Spain. Don’t even worry about bringing the basics. Stores such as Primark, H&M, Zara exist in Spain and are easy on the wallet so you can buy that basic white long sleeve shirt for €2, wear it for a year then throw it out.

Avoidable Mistakes Every Auxiliary Makes | Chasing Krista | Madrid, Spain


  • The things that you will want to pack when you move to Spain are the mementos that remind you of home. Your favorite Red Robin seasoning, pictures of your family & friends, your favorite boots you simply cannot live without, lucky socks, a Seahawks jersey… It is okay, to pack the things that you need or care for. To an extent.
    Avoidable Mistakes Every Auxiliary Makes | Chasing Krista | Madrid, Spain

Tour the city

  • You are about to become a contributing member of this society, go explore it. Go on the organized free walking tour or make your own walking tour. Honestly, just wander around your new home, get lost, stumble upon cafe, bars, cats.


Make friends with everyone

  • German, Spanish, Bulgarian. Locals. Natives. Foreigners. The guy that scans your groceries. The dude running next to you on the treadmill. Living in Europe, you have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, share your cultures with others and make friendships that could last a lifetime or turn into family.
    Living in Spain changed my life in so, so many ways. I met so many amazing people, learned a lot about myself, and pushed my comfort zone to new heights. In addition to learning about myself, I was also able to visit every EU country during my 2 years in Spain.

So there you have it. Being an Auxiliar de Conversacion will change you…. for the better. Don’t make all the mistakes I did, start out on the right foot and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime.

                                             Hasta luego, Madrid!✌🏽

Are you an auxiliar? Did I miss something? Tell me your story, I want to hear from you!

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