Guide to Hiking in Norway

First off, I want to STRESS that I am in NO way a hiking guide or trained in anything worthy of hiking knowledge, besides graduating from Girl Scouts a veerry long time ago. I am going to outline some tips that I used, personally,  before venturing up a mountain or two in Norway.


Please, please, please. If you are going to embark on an unbelievable adventure up the side of a ginormous rock at a steady incline of elevation PLEASE do the proper research beforehand. Buy the proper gear. Talk to the right people. Remember don’t push yourself beyond what you are physically capable of.
With that being said here are some suggests & tips that I, me, myself, Krista did prior to embarking on an adrenaline rushing hike up the side of a Norwegian mountain.

  1. Prepare. Research. Google.
    • Check out what others have said about the hike that you are preparing for. Utilize that world wide web, ask your questions, see what people have to say.
  2. Check the weather.
    • The weather in Norway is normally cold and wet. You will want to know this before you decide to hike up a waterslide.
  3. Get a solid good nights rest before.
    • Resist the urge to pound a few back or stay up late the night before your hike. A full sleep will be advantageous to you in so many ways.
  4. Pack snacks, water, and a lunch.
    • Despite the debate over it being heavy, you’ll appreciate it when you get to the top.
  5. Wear the right gear.
    • If you don’t know what to wear, Google it, ask for help. Go visit your local REI.
    • Flip-flops aren’t going to get you up a mountain and a sweatshirt isn’t going to keep you warm.
  6. Make friends along the way.
    • If you are hiking alone (which I do not recommend), say hello to people passing by, strike up a conversation, you never know what it could lead to.
  7. Most importantly, ENJOY YOURSELF
    • You are climbing a mountain, surrounded by some of the most beautiful sites Mother Nature has created. Soak it in. Let the images be forever imprinted on your brain.
  8. Next, most importantly, celebrate.
    • Hell, you just climbed a mountain. If anyone deserves a beer or three chocolate bars, it’s you. Congrats! You should actually feel really proud of yourself. And if you don’t, then I am really proud of you!

Hiking Guide to Norway | Chasing Krista | Norway


Have you hiked in Norway? I’d love to hear your stories! What are your favorite hikes?

Hiking Guide to Norway | Chasing Krista | Norway


Hiking Guide to Norway | Chasing Krista | Norwayhiking guide to_


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