24 Hours in Bergen, Norway

Bergen, Norway is one of those cities that captivates you from the moment you arrive. Just like the rest of Norway, it will tease you with its picturesque landscapes, salty delights, and friendly characters. Even though it seems like a small town: Bergen, Norway is actually the second largest city in Norway (behind Oslo and next to Trondheim). The only downside to Bergen may be the weather. Make sure you check and pack a scarf, a winter hat and a rain jacket (maybe rain boots 🌧 ☔️ ).

We only ended up staying in Bergen for one night (departing from Oslo on a seven-hour train ride) and then continued onward to Stavanger, where we were planning on hiking Preikestolen! Even with only one day in Bergen,  you will be sure to fall in love with the Norweigan lifestyle.

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Things To Do In Bergen:


One of the most famous spots in Bergen, located in the center of the city is, Bryggen. A world heritage wharf splashed with brightly painted buildings that have been standing for over 100 years. Wander along the wharf exploring, and head inside some of the shops.

Bergen | Chasing Krista | Bergen, Norway




Fish Market:

The fish market in Bergen has been home to fisherman and merchants since around the 12th century. Bergen is home to one of the most picturesque and energetic fish markets I have stumbled through. If you fancy the salty tastes of the ocean this is the place where you will find the freshest of the fresh seafood! You can buy it and prepare it yourself and grab a seat (under a heater) to enjoy it amongst the hustle and bustle of the market.

Disclaimer: I am not the biggest fan of seafood, in fact, I ate the vegetables and potatoes BUT I did try a bite of some shrimp from Nikki’s plate.

thumb_IMG_1408_1024Bergen | Chasing Krista | Bergen, NorwayBergen | Chasing Krista | Bergen, Norway

White Lady Harbor Cruise

You can easily book your tickets at the city center right next to the Fish Market and hop aboard the White Lady for a one hour cruise along the fjord. Remember to bring your rain jackets and hats; it was FREEZING on that boat…in July.
Bergen | Chasing Krista | Bergen, Norway

Bergen | Chasing Krista | Bergen, Norway



Bergen | Chasing Krista | Bergen, Norway

Then spend the rest of your time wandering around the cute town!

Bergen | Chasing Krista | Bergen, Norway

Bergen | Chasing Krista | Bergen, Norway Have you had the chance to explore Bergen? What did you love about it? Did I miss any must sees?

Since we didn’t have a whole lot of time to explore the town and outskirts of Bergen, these are some other places you should check out if you are planning a longer stay:

  1. Bergenhus Fortress
    • Found on the outskirts of Bryggen is one of the oldest (and best preserved) fortresses in Norway. Dating as far back to 1240, when the king would reside here. Nowadays it is open to the public and you can tour the inside.
  2. Haakon’s Hall
    • in the 12th century when Bergen was the capital of Norway, the king Håkon Håkonson built this hall to be a part of his royal palace.
  3. Leprosy Museum
    • Yes, leprosy the disease. This museum is dedicated to the research and experimentation therapies associated with leprosy and the Norwegian physical Armauer Hansen.
  4. Bergen Maritime Museum
    • If you are interested in the history of Vikings this museum is for you. Very similar to the Oslo Viking Museum, you can see some very well-preserved ships here that will blow up mind.


Until next time Bergen ✌🏽

Bergen | Chasing Krista | Bergen, Norway

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Bergen | Chasing Krista | Bergen, Norway

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