Two Days in Riga

When I say two days in Riga it wasn’t actually a full two days. And of course, two days is never enough time to fully explore all that a city has to offer but if you only have a few days in one of the Baltic capitals this is how you should spend it. Don’t forget to bring a scarf, it’s a chilly place! And check out my Riga: Bucket List to see and do all that Riga has to offer. Can’t wait to head back to this chilly capital!

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Two Days in Riga | Chasing Krista | Riga, Latvia


Arrived in Riga. We flew from Tallinn (via AirBaltic and after a mild phone tragedy, AirBaltic is becoming one of my favorite airlines; (☝🏼triple check to make sure you have all the goods before getting off the plane). Jumped on the bus and headed towards Elizabeth’s Youth Hostel; which was a small walk from the train station and Old Town. We ended up having a small situation with the hostel and then it started snowing. In April. By that point it was clear… it was dinner time. Since it was rather late and we were both tired and hungry we decided to wander around a little bit and get food. Being the frugal and financially responsible somewhat adults that we are – we went grocery shopping and made an ‘interesting’ but fulfilling meal, and kept the leftovers for snacks!




Riga Nativity of Christ Cathedral:

Built in 1876, is the biggest Orthodox Church in the city and survived two world wars. Despite that, in the early 1960’s the Soviet Union decided to close the doors and turn the church the Republic House of Knowledge,  a planetarium. The restoration began again in the late 1990’s and still continues today.
Two Days in Riga | Chasing Krista | Riga, LatviaIMG_9900

This was all we could manage to do since it was freezing. We spent some time wandering around the park, talking about life and once you could see my breath freezing as I talked we knew it was time to head back to the hostel, crank up the heat and get a good nights sleep. Which is vital since this was the last part of our hectic week-long trip and were headed back to Madrid and the classroom after this.

Day Two:

This was really our only full day in Riga and we planned to take full advantage of it. Started the morning off early and wander down to the shop to pick up some breakfast to go and wandered toward Old Town for our….FREE WALKING TOUR!
Two Days in Riga | Chasing Krista | Riga, LatviaIMG_4703Two Days in Riga | Chasing Krista | Riga, LatviaIMG_4720



After the walking tour, you are most likely going to be hungry! And while there are a number of delicious places to eat in Old Town, refrain if you can and walk over to the Riga Central Market and find some scrumptious tasty bites to devour over there!



After you fill your belly with scrumptious and delicious Riga delights, walk back through the Kronvalda Park, talk a selfie with the astronaut monkey, ponder why your hometown doesn’t have an astronaut monkey and continue onwards through the Art Nouveau District.
Two Days in Riga | Chasing Krista | Riga, Latvia



End your adventure by taking a selfie with the Riga Black Cat, find some black Balsam shots and enjoy rest of your time!



Two Days in Riga | Chasing Krista | Riga, Latvia

Jump on the bus and head back to the airport, until next time Riga ✌🏽

If you are headed to Riga soon, check out my Riga: Bucket List.

Have you been to Riga, Latvia before? What was your favorite part?

Two Days in Riga | Chasing Krista | Riga, Latvia

Two Days in Riga | Chasing Krista | Riga, Latvia


16 Replies to “Two Days in Riga”

  1. While weekend trips are a whirlwind, I find them SO worth it, and you definitely made the most of your days there. I find going back to the same place for multiple short trips gives you a better sense of a place than one week one time, but obviously that isn’t always possible.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally agree, weekend trips aren’t ideal but sometimes we have to work with what we have. I definitely want to go back and explore more and more and get a different sense. I feel like the first time is super touristy and the next and the next are more what the locals do


  2. Riga looks beautiful! I love walking tours. It’s such a great way to explore a city. And you can’t beat free!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I have heard that Riga is a great place to visit and now I can see why! I love the random statues like the cat.
    Don’t you just love the free walking tours in cities like this?


  4. This looks like such a pretty and interesting city. I cant imagine Latvia anything but cold! Walking tours are always a great way to see everything, Im a big fan of touring that way!


  5. I love the architecture of the church – so beautiful. I think the market would be my favorite place – I love experiencing the local eats while traveling. Thanks for sharing your experiences!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The market was amazing, sadly the time of year we went it was rather slow and quiet, but I can only imagine how thriving it would be in full swing! You are most welcome, I am really glad you enjoyed it!!!


  6. I haven’t been to Riga or Latvia – but as I live in Europe now I feel like I should definitely go and visit. The pictures you took look amazing, especially the Cathedral! I also love that you wrote a Riga Bucket List with all the important things 🙂 The food/snack part was very funny, I tried to figure out what it was you guys ate – my best guess is of course baguette (with garlic/herbs), sausage with ketchup or BBQ sauce (?) and I don’t know what the things on the right are – spring rolls/wraps? 😀


  7. I am looking at the title and I am like Riga. The city is so beautiful! Sometimes on you only need 2 days to explore and see all of beauty. L


  8. You sure do know how to have a good time, you always look like you’re happy when traveling. It seems like you accomplished a lot in two days! But you have to tell me… what exactly is a black shot?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thank you! that is so sweet of you! Traveling makes me happy haha! Oh it a strong strong shot (its a traditional Latvian herbal liqueur made with many different natural ingredients mixed in pure vodka) oohhh its like fire!


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