Bucket List: Riga

Riga is the capital of one of the enchanting Baltic states: Latvia.  This city needs to be on your bucket list. (So do the other Baltic States: Estonia & Lithuania but first…) I could go into detail and tell you why Riga needs to be your next destination. Explain the history of how the town came to be, the world-renowned art district that tourists flock to each year, the charming and boldly colored architecture found throughout the winding and wobbly cobblestone alleys. Walking through Riga in like walking through the pages of a fairytale but instead of me telling you why Riga should be on your bucket list, let me show you 📸😉

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Visit the Art Nouveau District



Bucket List: Riga | Chasing Krista | Riga, Latvia

Aimlessly stroll down Albert Street, don’t forget to look up

Bucket List: Riga | Chasing Krista | Riga, Latvia

Marvel at St. Peters Church (bonus: go inside and climb up for a view of the city)


Visit the oldest buildings in Riga: Three Brothers House


UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_b33eBucket List: Riga | Chasing Krista | Riga, Latvia

Go on the Free Walking Tour of Old Town
(this is us walking to the free walking tour)


Riga Cathedral


Walk through Kronvalda Park



Visit the Nativity Cathedral

Bucket List: Riga | Chasing Krista | Riga, LatviaBucket List: Riga | Chasing Krista | Riga, Latvia

Stand in front of the Freedom Monument (bonus: watch the changing of the guards)


Get lost in the Riga Central Market  (bonus: eat everything!)

Bucket List: Riga | Chasing Krista | Riga, Latvia



Touch the musicians of Breman

Bucket List: Riga | Chasing Krista | Riga, LatviaBucket List: Riga | Chasing Krista | Riga, Latvia

Learn the story of the Black Cats of Riga


Walk down Rozena Street ( the shortest & narrowest road in Riga)

Version 2

Visit the House of the Blackheads

Bucket List: Riga | Chasing Krista | Riga, Latvia

Bucket List: Riga | Chasing Krista | Riga, Latvia

Meander around Old Town and pretend you are in a fairytale




Try black balsam

Bucket List: Riga | Chasing Krista | Riga, Latvia

Bucket List: Riga | Chasing Krista | Riga, Latvia
Peace out Riga ✌🏽


Have you been to Riga, Latvia before? What did you include on your bucket list? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Bucket List: Riga | Chasing Krista | Riga, Latviabucket list_.jpgfdaRIGA.LATVIABucket List: Riga | Chasing Krista | Riga, Latvia

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  1. Hi there! What a cool post! These pictures are just great! You inspired me to go here on our next city trip! Thanks!

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  2. Thanks for sharing this photoessay of Riga. It looks like you had some really nice weather. We got rained on but didn’t let that stop us from checking out all the great Art Nouveau architecture. We discovered Folkklubs ALA Pagrabs when we visited Latvia. It’s a fantastic music pub where we got to listen to what felt like a cross between folk and heavy metal music. This memory still sticks with me 5 years after we visited Riga!

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  3. Wow! I hadn’t considered Riga before, but your pictures piqued my interest-thank you! I will definitely add Riga to my list moving forward!


  4. You know how much I love Riga 😁😁 I didn’t know they started a free walking tour there! How was it?

    One of my favorite eating experiences is hidden on one of the side streets in Riga: the garlic restaurant! Everything is garlic and, admittedly, maybe not the best food, but it’s a fun experience if you have a garlic obsession! 🤗

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    1. The tour was pretty good! full of history and cool stories (where I learned the story of the black cat!) I LOVE garlic, love is an understatement. I guess you both have to go back, ill take you on the tour and you take me to that garlic restaurant


  5. I loved visiting Riga! You nailed it with this post and gorgeous pics!!

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  6. Beautiful photos! Riga looks absolutely magical, and your post has made me beyond excited about my upcoming trip to the city next week!


  7. This article blew my mind – I honestly never knew about Latvia and Riga is so picturesque, how is this not a more popular tourist city?!


    1. Oh my! You are the sweetest, that means so much to me!! My goal is to get people to realize it is gorgeous and put it on their bucket lists!!


  8. This looks incredibly beautiful and I see why you recommend Riga to be on the bucketlist. I have been a sucker of beautiful colorful buildings and the reason why I also love Austria. Riga is equally pretty!

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  9. Ooh Riga looks so beautiful! I had a friend live in Latvia for a few years and he just raved about it. Judging by your pictures, I can totally see myself falling in love. The buildings, the streets, the market…ALL of it! And is that a cute magnet with the market? Love it!

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    1. You would love it!! You should plan a trip out there, I highly recommend it! And right, I still kick myself for not getting it, it was so cute!


  10. What beautiful architecture! Looks like an amazing place to visit.

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