Getting your TIE

Congrats! You’ve made it to Spain! Hopefully, you didn’t forget anything. If so, don’t fret, just go to Primark (not on a Saturday; you’ll thank me for that piece of advice).
Getting your TIE | Chasing Krista | Madrid, Spain

The first thing you will need to start doing when you arrive in Spain is work on getting your TIE, {in addition to searching for an apartment, setting up a bank account, and exploring the joys of €1cañas}, you’ll need to start gathering your paperwork so you’ll be prepared.

Getting your TIE | Chasing Krista | Madrid, Spain

Disclaimer: the visa/TIE/NIE/governmental anything process may change from year to year, the paperwork numbers may change, etc. So don’t quote me on this.

What is a TIE/NIE: 
TIE stands for Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjero – basically an identity card for a foreigner. Which you have to apply for within 30 days of arriving to España.
NIE stands for Número de Identificación de Extranjero,  and is assigned to a non-spaniard living in Spain.
What’s the difference?
The TIE holds your NIE number, personal information, fingerprints, etc. Essentially, this is your green card that allows you to live and work and travel in Spain.
*If you are part of the EU, that’s a different story.

Applying for your TIE:
1. Fill out the TIE application form: EX-17 (click for the form)

Getting your TIE | Chasing Krista | Madrid, Spain

2. Make an appointment online
*choose Madrid
*choose Toma de Huellas (Expedición de Tarjeta)

Getting your TIE | Chasing Krista | Madrid, Spain

Getting your TIE | Chasing Krista | Madrid, Spain

3. Enter your personal information. Pick an appointment date. (may take a few refreshers)
Getting your TIE | Chasing Krista | Madrid, Spain
4. After you have received your appointment; PRINT and SAVE.

Appointment Day:

Gather your needed documents:

  • Printed appointment slip
  • carta de nombramiento (and a copy)
  • EX-17
  • Proof of Payment TIE fees
    • Print it off or fill it out online
    • Click the section labeled “TIE que documenta la primera concesión de la autorización de residencia temporal, de estancia o para trabajadores transfronterizos”
    • 2016: €15.45
  • Passport Information Page (original and copy)
  • Visa (original and copy)
  • Entry stamp page (original and copy)
    • to prove that you got your appointment within a month of entering Spain
  • Passport sized photos (bring extras)
    • if you don’t have an extra, some of the metro stops have photo booths that will do it for a few euros. The metro station at Sol definitely has one.
    • You can actually get the photos at the building where you get your TIE as well.

This is the location of your appointment: Avenida de los Poblados S/N – 28047 Madrid (Take Metro: Aluche, Linea 5)  Don’t forget all your documents and copies! (make extras just in case).

Insider tip: The building is about a 10-minute from the Metro Station, its surrounded by gates, and is big and yellow and looks a bit like a Twinkie.

Version 2

If you do decide to renew after you finish your first year, likely you’ve had a wonderful year and can’t wait to stay longer,  be sure to look into the renewal process and regresso for those that wish to travel during the summer.