Bath & Stonehenge & Wales

How to See Bath & Stonehenge & Wales in One Weekend


Most people don’t realize that there is a lot of hidden beauties around the United Kingdom. You would normally think of the most popular places: London, Scotland, Dublin, maybe Manchester or Liverpool and that small country known for dragons: Wales. But there are so many more beautiful places that deserve our attention.

My long-term goal (one day.. in regards to the United Kingdom), is to rent an adorable (preferably periwinkle) car and road trip across the whole thing, paying the most attention to small villages and towns hidden in between the fields of grassy mountains; all while dreaming of finding my prince and fulfilling my lifelong dream of becoming a princess. I’ll invite you to the wedding 🙂

Little History Lesson:

Bath, England. Most people, myself included, probably have never heard of this city or any relevance behind it. Snuggled up in the southwest part of England, Bath is known for its 18th-century architecture and a…BATH 🛀 . The Romans discovered it the 1st century AD and used the natural hot spring as a thermal spa; during the Middle Ages, this location wasn’t used for its spa-like qualities but instead was used as a center for wool. Today it is now considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site; and houses one of the world’s best-preserved Roman bathhouses.


To be honest with you the main reason for me wanting to visit Bath is because I have an absurd imagination and my bucket list contains the most far-fetched wild ideas one can think of. For example: have a shower in Bath, England. A shower you ask? Why not a bath? Well eh, I like to be difficult. Plus I didn’t actually know that baths were a thing in Bath, England and figured finding a bathtub in a hostel would be a challenge.

Arriving in Bath:

Bath itself is a small town and an expensive place to fly into. Therefore the most economically efficient way to get there is through Bristol. Madrid to Bristol. Bristol to Bath. If you search properly and with enough time in advance then you can find tickets at a fairly cheap price. EasyJet…2hrs…€50

Once you land at the Bristol airport (be prepared and unlike myself know that the Bristol airport is about thirty minutes outside of the actual city of Bristol) you will need to take a bus to Bath. Walk outside towards the end of the airport and you’ll see a big green double-decker bus called A1 airport transfer. Buy tickets onboard; they cost about £7 one way to Bath (the last stop). Easy peasy lemon squeezy.




We stayed at Bath Backpackers. Since the town itself is so small, there are not a majority of hostels for frugal human beings like myself to take advantage of. But this one worked. Overall, lovely hostel. It’s an old building converted to a hostel. Meaning…very little outlets and spotty wifi. The showers were interesting. But the hair dryer was powerful.


Day One:

Arrive. Sleep. Eventful I know.

Day Two:

Our day trip to Stonehenge.
This day trip worked out perfectly. We left the middle of Bath around 13:00 which gave us all morning to roam around. And since we got a full night rest, up and early to explore the city. First coffee because no day starts without an adorable cafe to enjoy a cup of energy.

Located conveniently next to the Abbey: breakfast. Consisting of much-needed caffeine and empanadas. (Empanadas for breakfast…we’ve converted, we know).
The Roman Baths: Obviously it rained. The skies must have known I wanted to take a shower in Bath, England.




There is even a museum dedicated to the educational side of the natural waters. It is included in the price of entrance, so get your learn on!



and at the very end of the museum, you have the opportunity to taste the natural waters that gave life to the Romans so many years ago…although it tastes awful.



Our little purple bus left in front of the Abbey Hotel and took about 45 minutes to drive to Stonehenge. Pack some snacks if you are a constant eater like myself. (We chose some: olives, crackers, humus, turkey slices for me and salami slices for Katy). (Surprisingly super fully and cost less than £7).

Along the way our driver pointed stuff out here and there, left and right. But the windows were too steamed from all the carbon dioxide a loaded bus lets out and I can’t handle the roller coaster of bus; so nap time. It’s mostly green with sheep anyways.

The glorious moment arriving to Stonehenge. I had to pee so badly it is hard to recall my feelings. Grab your free audio guide (which is filled with useful and helpful information, so I’d highly recommend it). From the museum/gift shop of Stonehenge the actual stones are located about two miles north. Don’t fret you lazy humans. They have a shuttle bus that goes back and forth. I clearly went crazy with my lens (also it was raining so excuse the droplets off water that ended up on the pictures). jaw drop and scroll onward.



The whole concept of man itself is insane. If you hate to read or history and thoughts old ancient ruins stroll on down my lovely friends. But for those of you that are blown away but the idea of old; man let’s ramble! As you walk through the ground of Stonehenge listening to the archeologists and historians break down the idea of this strange mystery; you can’t help it but wonder. The idea that man created this weird circle of stone thousands of years ago. For what? We don’t know why. Which makes it all that much more exciting. A group of people (literally the same as you and I) without he help of technology or ideas, came up with a concept to move and assemble rocks to create some sort of meaning.
These civilized humans had communities. Homes. Studies. Tools. Worked together as one. To create something that continues to baffle us today. As you walk along that ground, imagine what life was like for them. You are walking in the same footsteps as a woman or man once did thousands of years ago.
Remarkable. Humans, blow my mind.
End ramble.


For those of you that don’t know anything about Stonehenge (don’t feel embarrassed, most people don’t). Allow me to break it down for you with some interesting facts of knowledge:

  • It is a prehistoric site
  • Believed to be constructed in 3000BC to 2000BC
  • Stonehenge was built-in phases
  • It’s a mystery how the stones got there but there are many theories
  • Darwin studied worms here


  • img_7858img_7292img_7316img_7317img_7313

Put this on your bucket list. You won’t regret it.


You get back into bath around 18:00 which in the winter/fall season the sun is setting or has already set. We explored around a little bit, confirming my nonexistent skills in night photograph and just headed back.


Day Three:

Due to an unfortunate experience in our hostel in the wee hours of the morn (not related to the hostel itself but rather the guests). Hostel etiquette people, you’re smarter than that,  come on. We were up rather early and just decided to check out around 9AM. Nothing was open in Bath at 9AM. Nothing. So we just wandered to the train station and departed to Cardiff, Wales.

Until next time, Bath ✌🏽

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  1. I need to see Bath… ur post is so interesting , makes me wanna go !


  2. I thought you were taking a bath in the Stonehenge when I first read the title. I didn’t know it was actually the place where the Stonehenge is located. I wonder why the water tastes awful to you? Was it clean or something?
    Also, are you able to touch the stones? I wonder if you visitors can hug it. 😉
    And is that a whirlpool in the river? I have so many questions but I am just so curious.


  3. Stonehenge was definitely one on my list as well! thanks for the tidbits and fruitful information on this. Also, I haven’t heard of Bath before, and this seems pretty interesting too! will include this too 😀 love your photos! and you being perky :)))


  4. I have been wanting to go to Bath for a long time now! This is an awesome itinerary. I am saving for when I get the chance to go!!


  5. Your writing style is quite unique! I can sense your very jolly personality just by reading your article. Beautiful adventure and I agree that periwinkle is a beautiful color. Hahaha!


  6. Actually, I’ve always wanted to see Bath…must be the hobby historian in me. 😉 Thanks for your tour, I loved it! And I totally believe the same thing about taking a bath, and people look at me like I’m nuts…soooo, you wash your rear end first, and then….yeah, I get you girl.


  7. What an amazing place to get to see in person! Thanks for letting me live vicariously through your travel photos!!


  8. I really enjoyed you post, your pictures are amazing! Stonehedge is on my bucket list for sure, hopefully one day I will get to see in person!


  9. I really enjoyed your post but your pictures are amazing! Stonehedge is on my bucket list for sure! I like the purple bus!


    1. thanks so much Jenn! I’m glad you liked my photos! You for sure have to go one day, it was truly one of the best experiences I’ve had!


  10. I am a history teacher and this is SO on my bucket list of places to go whenever I finally get to go to the UK!


    1. Jealous! I wish I was a history teacher! I am that nerdy person who will stand in ancient ruins for hours just because it literally blows my mind that something a great as a civilization once stood there! crazy!! you have to go! you’ll LOVE it!


  11. Oh I loved Bath! We went there about 7 years ago and fell in love with the town and the region. Did you also develop addiction to scones? I see you had classic lovely British weather. 🙂 Anyway, I enjoyed reading your blog and reviving old travel memories.



    1. Isn’t it just the cutest town! We had scones probably ever morning, so delicious!
      Aww thank you so much, that is so sweet of you! I’ll be sure to check out your blog!


  12. I’m actually visiting Bath soon and your post makes me even more excited to visit! I’m so glad I found it because now I have a few more pointers for when I get there – especially since I’m super excited for the Roman Baths & Stonehenge!


    1. you are most welcome. i am very glad you enjoyed! can’t wait to read about your experience there! have such an amazing time!!


  13. So enjoyed your post! Stonehenge is absolutely on my bucket list, as well as the other really old historical sites in Great Britain. Loved seeing your photos.


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