Pre-Asia Jitters

This post is dedicated to the struggles, the imaginary outrageous scenario that I played out in my head prior to leaving on my trip. The things that I have researched..found the answers. And the research that led me to a dead end and more obscene questions.

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First, let us discuss how the story of an Asian Christmas came to be. While daydreaming sceneries about how to spend Christmas 2017, the idea of beaches rolled through our minds. Specifically Indonesia, but I am all about the ‘see as much as you can’. Two weeks in one destination would be a lot of me to sit still. Plus I have been to Indonesia— and although I would love to go back, there is still so much of the world I haven’t seen that I want to explore prior to repeating destinations (unless my parents are going).

After my talented fingers and fierce mind scoured the internet and broke my search engine, we found a flight to Beijing for €400 round trip via Ctrip. Yes, go back and read that again.

WHAT? Our thoughts exactly. To be fully honest with you stranger I have never really given China much thought before. I don’t even know if the Great Wall of China was on my bucket list because it seems so undoable for me…thoughts running through my head screamed do it! wait, is this smart? go see the world. do I need extra shots? walk across one of the original Wonders of the World. SOLD. BOUGHT. DONE. CHINA HERE WE COME. Now. Now. Not just China, because I did just mention that I can’t spend two weeks in one sole destination? (although China is bigger than American and looking back now I most definitely could spend two weeks in China). But meh. We’ve decided to see two other countries as well.

img_4679img_4682THE ITINERARY:
-December 22nd: leave Madrid a tad after midnight — five-hour flight to Moscow, 5-hour layover in Moscow, finally an eight-hour flight to Beijing, landing at the ripe hour of midnight thirty. (I still haven’t figured out how to get to the hostel an hour away…)
December 23rd-December 28th: Beijing, China
December 28th- January 1st: Bangkok, Thailand
January 1st-January 4th: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
January 5th-January 6th: Beijing Airport to Madrid
freezing cold temperature -> melting temperature ->hot rain -> uncomfortable airport sleepover -> madrid and my cozy bed.
Asian Christmas .png

the thoughts running through your head might be a tad different than mine. Christmas in Asia, WOW! what an experience! I am beyond stoked, I can’t find all the words to express how excited and blessed to have this opportunity…but HOW DO I PACK?! for reals y’all. How do you pack for snow, rain, melting heat? in a carry on backpack size? excuse me, while I puzzle search my way into my wardrobe and attempt to find the proper attire.
brb. to be continued.

update: still haven’t packed and have to be at the airport in 48 hours.

update: finally packed! YAAA, with a few hours to go. I know, I am the queen of procrastination which means I probably forgot something super important…
the hardest part of packing for a trip like this is the drastic changes in climate.

  • so,  one part of the journey will be snowing and well below freezing,
  • another part will be sweltering and over 90 degrees,
  • and yet another part is a humid monsoon.

But I managed to fit two weeks of summer/winter/monsoon clothes into three ziplock bags and one large makeup bag. YES. snaps for Krista, even I am impressed.

img_5549img_5552What I Packed:

  • black winter jacket
  • black jeans
  • black yoga pants
  • black fleeced lined tights
  • black normal tights
  • high black socks
  • two thick ass pairs of socks
  • christmas leggings (also wore as PJS)
  • one black skirt
  • two jean shorts
  • three tank tops
  • three long sleeve shirts
  • one sweater
  • one work out tank top
  • one workout jacket
  • rain jacket
  • sports bra and undies
  • running shoes
  • sandals
  • shower shoes
  • hat, gloves, scarf
  • selfie stick
  • camera
  • toiletries
  • & (duh) passport

i am thoroughly impressed with myself. welp, here we go. Madrid to Moscow to Beijing! I can’t believe it is finally here! See you soon China!!

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  1. wow this is an amazing post!.. You both looked so happy! I don’t know if you already went or just waiting for trip? (Since dates are no visible) but if you are about to go, have fun and let us know the details and tips!!!


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