Bucket List: Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is a cultural melting pot filled with flavors that ignite your tastebuds, colors that explode in your iris of your eyes, landscapes that make you question your existence, nature and wildlife that leave you both terrified and in awe, and so much more! If you are headed to the capital of Malaysia; here are ten things that you HAVE to include on your adventure!

1) Marvel at the architecture of the Petronas Twin Towers
Get the best views from Skybar at Traders Hotel


2) Stand above the city at the KL Tower


3) Don’t pet the monkeys at the Batu Caves


4) BONUS: get a self with a Malaysian Monkey


5) Try Durian – a popular Southeast Asia delight

6) Eat everything you can possibly

7) vist a Mosque – show your respect, learn about their religion

8) Explore the colors of Little India

9) Go Chase Waterfalls at Templer Park


10) Get lost in the Central Market


Have you been to Kuala Lumpur? What else would you add to your bucket list?

18 Replies to “Bucket List: Kuala Lumpur”

  1. KL looks like such a cool city! I was trying to squeeze it in on my upcoming trip to Singapore/Thailand, but I ended up going with Cambodia instead. I’ll be sure to include it next time!


  2. Awesome list! I love your photos too! They really bring Kuala Lumpur to life and make me want to go back! 🙂


  3. Loved your pictures! Thanks for sharing this. I’ve spent a lot of time in KL (my husband is from KL and we’re currently based here) and I haven’t even checked out the Central Market or Templer Park 😦 Pinned this for later!!

    Food-wise, I’ve got plenty of recommendations though. The best nasi lemak in town is at Village Park Restaurant – it’s in Petaling Jaya, so a little way away from KL proper, but worth the trip! It’s crowded at almost all hours of the day, so be prepared to wait a little though.


  4. Hahah loved your photos, esp the monkey ones! Malaysia seems to have so much to offer, can’t wait to visit south-east Asia! 😀


  5. Stunning photos. And I learned the hard way in China to stay away from the monkeys. But would love to check out some of the beautiful architecture in the mosques as well as the twin towers.


    1. Were they bad in China? I was in Beijing right before this and luckily we didn’t get any special encounters!


  6. Looks like you had a lot of fun in KL! Templer Park looks really promising…though I’m wary of monkeys after one showed aggression towards me once :/


  7. I’ve only spent about 8 hours in Kuala Lumpur when I had a brief stopover but managed to tick off the KL Tower and taking that Petronas Towers photo haha. Your photos with the monkeys are epic! If I ever get to go back I will have to check out Batu Caves.


    1. That is pretty impressive that you were able to that on a layover! Yeah, if you ever head back I would definitely recommend some nature outings haha but be careful of those monkeys haha!


  8. One of my best mates is from KL and I’m really hoping to get there in the near future to visit her! Am particularly excited by the prospect of eating all the things.


    1. You should for sure go visit! I love being able to visit friends all around the world, such an awesome feeling! The food was becoming amazing, just thinking about it makes my mouth water!


  9. Hey! I went to KL maybe five years ago now? A bit of a crazy city, but such a great mash of cultures. I LOVED the food! I would add a great curry and street food to this list. And I also went white water rafting (though this was a little out of the city) and it was actually the highlight of my trip! Love your photos by the way – looks like you had a great time!


    1. OHH the street curry, how could I forget! the curry in general, oh man the food! my mouth waters just thinking about it!! White water rafting!? you are my ideal! that is too cool, I wish I did that!! aww thank you, we had a blast! can’t wait to get back over to Asia!


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