Brussels: beer and waffles

Brussels is the capital of Belgium or better known as the capital of beer and chocolate and waffles. And Brussels does not disappoint in this category. I have been to Brussels in the past for about 30 hours and well let’s save that story for another day.
the number one thing to remember when you are traveling to Brussels is this essential rule:

you can never have the same beer twice in Brussels.

There are over thousands and thousands and thousands of kinds of beer in the world, 1150 of those are in Belgium (as of 2011). If you are a beer lover, this is your paradise!

To be honest, my trips to Brussels have been sporadic. The first time I spent the majority of the time in Luxembourg due to TSA warnings and the second time I was trying to see as many Christmas Markets as humanly possible. So this is really just a collection of my photos from my time in Brussels. One day I’ll go back and be a proper wanderer.

First stop, when headed to Brussels, is the Grand Palace. This hotspot is a UNESCO World Heritage site and quite possibly one of the most beautiful squares in Europe. Inside the square, you will find Town Hall (Hôtel de Ville), Breadhouse (Masion du Roi) which is home to the Museum of the city of Brussels, surrounded by a number of  Gothic buildings and architectural masterpieces.

At night it is quite magical, with the huuuuuge Christmas tree in the center of the square and every so often a light show with music makes the square come to life! Although be forewarned, this hotspot attracts a large crowd, so getting the perfect picture with no one else in it might be a bit of a challenge and be weary of your belongings.

Try a Delirium beer at the world-famous Delirium Cafe.

Wander through the Christmas Markets.
Try all the waffles and chocolate and mulled wine.

Bruges | Chasing Krista | Bruges, Belgium


Until next time Brussels (and i promise i’ll be back one day)

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