(this is a copy and paste from my previous blog about my time in Southeast Asia. A story about my time in Bali, this piece does not contain any advice just a recollection of my time in Bali. Next time I visit Bali, I shall write a detailed piece for you)

The time I drank cat poop…

Yoga practicing, wheatgrass shot taking, meditating silences, ‘ohming’ noises. That is the type of crowd that is attracted to Ubud. A place to detox and cleanse. Literally. The amount if heathy food you are given as options to eat will clear your colon out. And the night scene in this tiny town is nearly not existent so the eagerness to partake in drinking activities diminishes therefore allowing your liver a chance to work through and eliminate the toxins that have been pouring in. I decided that Ubud would be a cleansing experience. No alcohol. No meat. Lots of veggies. Some spiritual temples. And exploring the culture of Ubub.  Ubud is home to one of the most well renown rice fields in Indonesia; Tegalalang. the fields are filled with a lush green landscape.



There are so many breathtaking treks and hikes, sunset and sunrises around this volcano Despite our luck on choosing the rainiest day to visit, the view was nevertheless gorgeous. While at the volcanic site we enjoyed one of Bali’s finest: Bintang.


Goa Gajah (the Elephant Cave) is an area of temples ruins and luscious landscapes. It was built in the 9th century and served as a sanctuary.
As the rain began to fall, our taxi driver took us to a Balinese coffee plantation; Wedang Sari Plantation. Here we got the chance to try one of the world’s rarest and priciest cups of coffee: Kopi Luwak.
What makes this coffee so rare and so expensive? The process of brewing this coffee is done in the most unusual way. In a double boilers, the locals would begin to brew this delectable beverage. The coffee beans used for Kopi Luwak are in fact…… poop. Yup, cat shit, cat dropping, cat dung, cat doodoo.
What happens is the Luwak Cat wander around the plantation eating coffee berries to their delight.Through the natural process of digestion these berries  reappear in cat droppings. The droppings are then collected by the locals to be cleaned and brewed.  Obviously I was going to try it, at this time I am not the biggest fan of coffee but why not drink some cat shit.

CONCLUSION: you should give it a try, surprisingly it tasted like very similar to a normal cup of coffee but with a lurking after taste. I won’t give too much away so you can try it yourself 😉

Since the rainfall has begun we figured the perfect temple to end our day of culture was the water temple; Pura Tirtha Empul a temple to cleanse your soul. A range of twelve waterfall spouts are lined up and you pray to each one. It was a cleansing and beautiful experience.

and a few random photos from my time in Ubub

Until next time Ubub

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