Kandersteg; Sliding through the Alps

If you are traveling around Switzerland and you haven’t heard of Kandersteg, HOLD UP. First of all, Kandersteg is located in about one hour from Bern via train, super easy to get to from any major city in Swizterland. During the summer months, a part of the Swiss Alps open up and allow you to slide down. Yes SLIDE through the Swiss Alps.

So much for taking a nap on the train ride to Kandersteg, with these views I was afraid to even blink. Pardon the zillion of photos to follow, Mother Nature is something else.


Once you are finally able to stop gawking at the impressive Mother Nature and her surroundings, take a mini hike to the bottom of the slide. Then hop in a cable car and up you go!


The view up the moutain is just heavenly.img_0982img_0983img_0984img_2640

Once you get to the top, still in a daze being surrounded by this much beauty. You can walk  to the left and there will be a little house as the entrance of the slide. I believe it costs €4 for adults for one ride. And while riding they strongly discourage the use of cell phones (but I mean, I needed to capture the photos so I broke the rules a little).



Until next time Kandersteg