Sometimes living in a hustle and bustle city such a Madrid, you need to get away from all the excitement and take a breather. Toledo is the perfect place to do so! This sand colored walled city is filled with history, once known as the ‘City of Three Cultures’ where Muslim, Arab and Jewish communities coexisted, Toledo offers unique calming escape from the city life.

quick history lesson: the city was conquered by the Romans in 192 BC. The Visigoths (Germanic people who referred to themselves as Goths) claimed it as their capital in the 6th century. During the 6th century, Spain claimed this region a political power spot as well as a religious center. At the time Jews and Christians lived freely amongst each other. Around the 8th century, Arabs or Moors arrived and they all continued to coexist peacefully together.

HOW TO GET THERE: Toledo is only an hour and a half (45 miles) from Madrid.
*renfe or euro rail (free with your obono pass or €16)
*some many bus companies offer trips to Toledo
*Blah Blah Car is a great website designed to share the cost to surrounding cities

Toledo train station 


The best way to explore this sandy colored walled enchanting city, is with your lens out and let your feet do the wandering.

Toledo Cathedral

Just wander the city and have a photo shoot


Until next time Toledo

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  1. OMG, THE ARCHITECTURE IS CRAZY, Toledo you say never heard of it. It do sound like the perfect day trip the next time I go to Madrid!

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