A Musical Day in Salzburg

Surprisingly to most people I have never actually seen the Sound of Music (shocking I know, I know. It is on my list to watch), but after visiting Salzburg, home to the Sound of Music, I discovered what the phrase “the hills are alive” actually means.img_4919*This blog may contain affiliate links, in other words, it may drop a penny in my piggy bank. I only endorse products I use and I love. Pinkie promise!*

img_4815While in Salzburg since we were short on time, we decided to do a tour. The super saver tour through Viator, which I HIGHLY recommend. It includes Austrian lakes, Alps and salt mines (depending on the time of year), we sadly could not row a boat out onto Lake Wolfgang because it was freezing cold but we did take a little side trek into a small German town for some wandering and German sausages and the salt mine was a hoooooot! Like I said if you are short on time in Salzburg this is the perfect tour to see all the beauty.


tour through salzburg

 Despite our tour beginning at the crack of dawn and super tired. My eyeballs instead of happily staring at the back of my eyelids were glued to the window mesmerized by the view.

The first stop on the tour was the salt mines, located in Obersalzberg. The salt mines sat below the site of Hilter’s historical retreat. Once you get to the salt mines you get to put on fancy overalls or traditional mining clothes and descend via a choo-choo train into the underground world of salt. These mines are as old as 450 years and still produce salt today, as you descend further into the mountain you learn about the history of salt (if you lick the wall they even taste like salt) and at the end of the tour, you get to slide down a slide.

After your adventure through a mountain to lick some salty walls, your guide takes you to a small Germany town: Berchtesgaden for a quick stretch of the legs, a few photo shoots and enough time to enjoy some sausages and beer (it is Germany after all).



After you warm yourself with some pretzels, sausages and a few beers it is time to head back to Salzburg to do some exploring of our own.

Mirabell Gardens
The trip is not complete if you don’t frolic around the gardens. Despite it being freezing and a little snow it was still magical to prance around.

Mozart Wohnhaus (Mozart’s Residence)
One of the most famous musical composers was born in Salzburg and he happens to my favorite composer (nerd alert!). The house of Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart is a five-minute walk from the Mirabell Gardens (I will be personally disappointed in you if you don’t take a stroll over).


Salzburg you were a beauty, until next time!

A Musical Day in Salzburg | Chasing Krista | Salzburg, Austria