A Day Trip to Graz

Austria is the gem of Eastern Europe. I have heard it be called the pearl of Europe and I can understand why. It is one of the most picturesque countries I have been to. Two of the gems in Austria besides the bustling capital, Graz and Salzburg. One of these hidden gems is the lesser known of the two but deserves just as much attention: Graz.
Just two hours south of the capital, fairly inexpensive and so easy to get to; so why not?

Day Trip to Graz | Chasing Krista | Graz, Austria

One of the most popular places to visit in Graz, literally translated to ‘castle – mountain.’ It used to be the home of a fortress but has been turned into a public park with a clock tower and breathtaking views of the city from above.

Eggenberg Palace
In 1625 Prince Han Ulrich von Eggenberg thought to myself “I am going to build myself a palace!” A student by the name of Pietro de Pomis was asked to design one of the most important palaces in Styria for Prince Eggenberg. Interesting enough the design of the palace reflects the universe in some mathematical and allegorical way. Regardless if you feel like you are stepping through the universe as you waltz into the palace, explore around the number of galleries and gawk at the peacocks (but don’t get too close, they can be territorial)

Walk down the snowy path to the Palace of Eggenberg


can you spot the peacock in the right blue door??


dancing in a winter wonderland with my favorite dance partner

Graz Cathedral
Also known as St. Giles’ Cathedral dedicated to Saint Giles, built-in 1492 by Friederick III and in 1564 was converted in to a court church. It has free admission so you can walk in and admire the beauty inside.



and of course the number one rules you must follow when you go to any new city: try a new food and Vienna is filled filled filled with delicious food:

Until next time Graz ✌🏽


Day Trip to Graz | Chasing Krista | Graz, Austria