Dublin: the capital of the Irish

One could go back to Dublin countless times and each trip be completely different. Dublin, the city of ever flowing Guinness and loads of craic; but besides being known for Guinness, Dublin has loads of beauty, history and whiskey.

Ireland’s oldest university, established in 1592. Fun fact: the full name of Trinity College is College of the Holy and Undivided Trinity of Queen Elizabeth.
Entrance to Trinity College



Inside one of the prettiest libraries in Europe; the Trinity College Library is home to the Book of Kells. Incase those of you who don’t know; the Book of Kells is a book containing the  four Gospels in Latin written in 384AD. While touring this area of the library, photography is strictly forbidden. (which is understandable, considering the book is quite ancient, photos would cause damage).
Make sure you take some time to wander about the library.


Guinness Storehouse
You obviously can’t come to Dublin without having a Guinness or visiting the Guinness Storehouse and learning how to properly pour this stout (bucket list check)!  The Guinness Storehouse isn’t your average brewery, it is more like an amusement part for adults splashed with a little bit of knowledge to quenching your thirst with the infamous beverage. This attraction park is filled with everything from learning how to pour the perfect stout to learning how the beer is made to its iconic pathway through advertisement. To be honest I wasn’t much of a Guinness drinker prior to Dublin but I guess they say it is best served from the source.




Irish Whiskey Museum 
Besides being known for Guinness, Ireland has discovered the art of fine whiskey. Located conveniently next to Trinity College, the Irish Whiskey Museum takes you on an interactive tour through the history of whiskey in Ireland. At the end of the guided tour you get to taste three different whiskies or you can get upgraded to VIP and taste some fine aged whiskey, if you are a whiskey lover I would highly recommend adding this to your Dublin adventures.



Temple Bar
The most energetic district of Dublin, filled with bars and bars splashed with colors and alcohol. Filled with ‘authentic’ restaurants and tourist shops. Most bars have live music various nights. **speaking from experience: don’t take you valuables out and keep your purses in front of you and zipped tight**

Until next time Dublin