Spanish Bucket List

Since I was a resident of Spain for two years, I have decided I needed to create a bucket list to make sure that I engulfed every aspect of the Spanish culture. Sadly after two years, I wasn’t able to check everything off my bucket list, but that just means that España I will return to you someday!

Version 2

  • Become fluent in Spanish
  • Las Fallas in Valencia
    Spanish Bucket List | Chasing Krista | Spain
  • Go on the walking tour of Madrid
  • Mercardo de San Miguel, Madrid 
  • Have a rooftop drink at Circulo de Bella Artez, Madrid 
  • Bilbao archaeological site
  • Take a picture with Pablo in Malaga, Spain
  • Wander the streets of Palma 
  • Palencia and the old Romans ruins
  • Take a photo in the middle of the fountains near Ciebles in Madrid
  • Party boat in Ibiza
  • Try a new seafood in San Sebastian
  • Sagrada Familia in Barcelona
  • Las chorreras in Cuenca
  • Alhambra in Granada
  • Sandboarding in Cadiz
  • Photoshoot in the sand-colored castle of Toledo
  • El Escorial
  • The aqueducts of Segovia
  • Frolic around the Plaza de Espana in Sevilla


Since I specifically lived in Madrid for those two years, I obviously had to create a bucket list for one of my favorite cities in the world. And yet again, sadly I didn’t mark everything off of it. I honestly think I am doing it subconsciously on purpose so that I have an excuse to return to a place that will forever be engraved in my heart. (aww, cheesy yes I know; all the feels up in huur)

Madrid Bucket List

  • Chug a juice box of wine
    Spanish Bucket List | Chasing Krista | Spain
  • Stay out and watch the sunrise at Temple Debod
    Spanish Bucket List | Chasing Krista | Spain
  • Eat patatas bravas at Las Bravas
  • see 0 KM
  • Bike Retiro, drink wine in Retiro, boat ride in Retiro, wander aimlessly around Retiro
  • have a cerveza with Neptune
  • Eat at Burn Out / Zombie Bar (delicious burgers)
  • Parque Warner
  • Have tea time/happy time in the garden on Sol
  • Eat a kebab under the I heart Burritos sign
    Spanish Bucket List | Chasing Krista | Spain
  • Sunset rooftop bar
  • Take tequila shots in Sol
    IMG_7667Spanish Bucket List | Chasing Krista | Spain
  • Create unbelievable friendships and families that I could never forget

Spanish Bucket List | Chasing Krista | Spain

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    1. Oh yes! They are so beautiful, when I lived in Spain I had the chance to go a few times to some different ones! Las Palmas was a stunner! Tenerife, gorgeous! Can’t wait to go back one day!

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  1. Lucky you! I would add tapas and a stroll in Salamanca and partying in Zaragoza. 🙂


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