A European Bucket List

I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list

img_5177one of my favorite views is out the window of a plane. normally because that means I got the window seat and I get to take a nap. But most importantly because when you fly above the clouds it puts life in a different perspective. Whether you are going to a new city to explore or returning to a home, the look out of that window always means adventure to me.


while i make this seemingly never ending list of the things i wish to complete in 2017, i notice that it will nearly be impossible to complete everything that i wish to do and see and eat. feel free to comment below on anything i should add or remove?
cheers 🙂

  1. Visit every country in the EU with an iconic photo (check out that bucket list)
  2. Jump off a rock into clear Croatian waters
  3. Sunrise kayak on Lake Killarney
  4. Drink some vino verde with Pastéis de Belém in Belem, Portugal 
  5. Try Delirium Beer at the Delirium Bar in Brussels
  6. Eat waffles in Belgium
  7. Eat a french crepe in Paris 
  8. Visit the Grand Place in Brussel
  9. Take a cooking class in Italy 
  10. Ride in a gondola 
  11. Walk the halls of the Vatican inside the Vatican City
  12. Row on boat on Lake Bled
  13. Drive across a country
  14. eat a Trdelnik in Prague
  15. Visit the little islands of Venice
  16. Hike Preikestolen in Norway 
  17. Visit Gotherburg
  18. write a love letter to the Juliet wall in Verona, Italy
  19. Gawk at the reflection of the Budapest Parliament building on the Danube River
  20. Go sledding in the Black Forest in Hinterzarten, Germany
  21. Drink burgundy in Burgundy, champagne in Champagne and bordeaux in Bordeaux
  22. See the tulips in Amsterdam
  23. skinny dipping in Lake Como
  24. watch the sunrise on the St. Charles bridge in Prague 
  25. Try a macaroon in France
  26. Hike to the top of the peak in Positano, Italy
  27. Thermal Spa day in the Budapest baths 
  28. Gamble in Monaco
  29. Prost in Germany (either at Oktoberfest, Springfest or a weekend)
  30. Boat the canals of Amsterdam 
  31. Heniken Headquarters in Amsterdam
  32. Drink beed in the Old Train Station in Berlin
  33. Warm up with glühwein in the European Christmas markets
  34. Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany
  35. Fingal’s Cave, Scotland
  36. Meet Mozart in Vienna
  37. Lick the walls of the salt mines in Salzburg 
  38. Drink a bottle of wine under the Efifle Tower 
  39. Be a viking in the Vasa Musuem 
  40. Graduate from the Guinness Academy with the perfect pour
  41. Buy real leather in Italy
  42. hike to waterfalls Slovenia
  43. Listen to the bells toll on Big Ben 
  44. Watch the sunset in Santorini, Greece
  45. Go inside Westminister Abbey
  46. Pamukkale, Turkey
  47. Giants Causeway, Ireland
  48. Witness the Northern Lights (in Norway or Iceland)
  49. Visit Stonehenge
  50. Attend high tea in London 
  51. Have a shower in Bath, England
  52. Try a new food in every new city
  53. Walk across the Stari Most in Mostar, Bosnia 
  54. See the Royal Jewels at the Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen, Denmark
  55. Eat currywurst in Berlin, Germany
  56. Go to flamenco show in Sevilla
  57. Drive to Treiste, Italy
  58. Cliffs of Moher, Ireland
  59. Time-travel through mythology in Greece
  60. Get lost in Bruges, Belgium
  61. Library of Scotland
  62. Walk the Berlin Wall
  63. Auschwitz in Krakow, Poland
  64. Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland
  65. Visit the capital of Slovenia and attempt to pronounce it to the locals (Ljubljana) 
  66. Eat a Stroopwafels in Amsterdam 
  67. Try paella in Spain 
  68. Lay in the purple flowers of Hallerbos, Belgium
  69. Get lost in the Grand Bazzar of Istanbul
  70. Visit Einsteins home in Bern, Switzerland
  71. Venice Carnival
  72. Do a walking tour of Bratislava
  73. Spend a weekend in Cinque Terre
  74. The Church of the Savior in St. Petersburg, Russia
  75. Red Square in Moscow, Russia
  76. Walk the bridge from Liechtenstein to Switzerland
  77. Eat everything in the Camden Town Market 
  78. Harry Potter World 
  79. Learn how to make a pizza in Naples, the birthplace of pizza
  80. Spend the night in a castle in Ireland

5 Replies to “A European Bucket List”

  1. This is such a good list – so inspiring! I love the idea of visiting Delirium Brewery while in Belgium! To add, once you try the waffles in Belgium, you’ll never be satisfied with a waffle from anywhere else! 🙂


    1. Thanks ☺️ oh you are so right! I was just in Belgium last weekend and my life has changed, waffles will never be the same again haha!!


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