My trip to Luxembourg was a bit unorthodox and completely unplanned. Originally it was supposed to be a weekend in Brussels filled with beer and chocolate but due to events at the time, Brussels wasn’t the safest place to travel to. My frugal self couldn’t just get rid of a flight because of security reasons; so quick thinking outside the box and my weekend turned into a trip to one of the smallest countries in the world: Luxembourg. Never heard of it? I wouldn’t be surprised, Luxembourg is the 28th smallest country in the world with a population of 543,202 people and about 2,500 kilometers. It is stuck in the middle of Belgium, Germany and France and the perfect day trip if you are traveling to any nearby cities.

Luxembourg City (and Country)| Chasing Krista | Luxembourg

We flew into the Brussels Charleroi airport and from there hopped on Flibco for a two and a half hour bus ride to Luxembourg. Of course, while waiting for the bus we had to enjoy a Belgium beer.


One of the best times to visit Luxembourg is during the winter season when the Christmas markets magical and a soft glistening layer of snow has fallen over the city. Granted it is still freezing, but nothing a thick beer blanket can’t save you from.


Landing in Luxembourg, we had no idea what we were doing. We decided to try couchsurfing (an online travel source that allows you to crash on fellow travelers couches) with our new DJ friend: Don. Unfortunately for us, Don wasn’t answering his phone once we landed at the bus terminal. No worries we thought to ourselves, we can wander around for a wee bit while we wait. McDonald’s has free wifi and french fries (and to our surprise curry curly fries and shrimp McBits). An hour goes by, no response from our new friend. McDonald’s starts to usher us out because they are closing. I guess a word to the wise: not all McDonalds are open twenty-four hours. Fast forward two hours after pacing around the closed Christmas Market stalls and we have given up on Don and decided to check into a hostel. Right when we hand over our passport to confirm our stay, Don rings us. Of course, we want to save the dollar here and there, expand our international friend circle, so we cancel our hostel and meet with Don.

Day One: Christmas Markets

The next day we decide to explore the town, first, stop the Christmas Market! Luxembourg is a tiny country; it takes about 1-2 hours to drive from the north to south. Yet, there is so much history and happiness filled between those borders. The city center is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and Luxembourgians are proud of their country.

  • The language of Luxembourg is diverse. Being surrounded by three other countries, most to all Luxembourgians speak English, German, French, and Luxembourg.
  • The people are super friendly, if you are lost or need help, don’t be afraid to ask.

Luxembourg City (and Country)| Chasing Krista | Luxembourg



Palace of the Grand Dukes & Chamber of Deputies: First, it was the city hall of the country from 1572 to 1795, then it became headquarters of the Luxembourg government in 1817. Today is it the residence of the Grand Duke and where he exercised all his official business. You can take guided tours of the Palace.



Luxembourg City (and Country)| Chasing Krista | Luxembourg

As I’ve always said, the best way to explore a city is to get completely lost in it. Which is exactly what we did in Luxembourg.




Stumble upon another Christmas Market and try some hot wine and hot dogs and waffle sticks covered in chocolate.


Then our trip to this tiny country took the back road. Thanks to our couchsurfer: Don we got invited to an art event at a local ‘house turned art center for your teens to express themselves through the arts. It was AMAZING. Each floor was dedicated to a different type of art: spray paint, fashion, dance, music and so much more!


After our adventurous night out and our morning wandering around the town again. Not quite sure what to do with ourselves for the rest of our trip. With a little over a day left, we decided to take a Blah Blah Car to Brussels (since our flight was out of there anyway and I was craving some chocolate).

Until next time Luxembourg 🇱🇺 ✌🏽

Luxembourg City (and Country)| Chasing Krista | Luxembourg