Murano, Torcello and Burano

Glass. Cookies. Lace. Rainbow. Murano, Torcello, Burano | Chasing Krista | Venice, Italy

If you have spare time in Venice, your trip wouldn’t be complete without taking a boat ride to the nearby islands. Through Viator, we planned a trip to Murano, the glass making island; Torcello, the island with the oldest inhabitants of Venice and lastly Burano, the island famous for lace and colors of the rainbow.

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Morano: the glass making island

The first stop on your afternoon island adventure is Murano, a quick 30-minute boat ride across the water and you are dropped off in front of the glass factory, greeted by an enthusiastic glass representative and ushered into the demonstration room.

img_5415the making of a glass unicorn in action



They don’t give you a lot of time but I would recommend taking a few moments and gawking at the impressive glass they make. Word to the wise if you are as clumsy as I am; don’t bring any swinging bags inside and keep your hands in your pocket. You are surrounded by breakable objects, it can be quite nerve-racking.



After you get to ogle at the gifted artwork of these glass magicians, you can take a stroll through the tiny island of 6,000 inhabitants towards the center. But don’t wander too far because the next stop is coming up.

me and my beautiful lady friends

Torcello: oldest island

Jump back in the boat and sail away for 20 minutes to the island of Torcello. This empty island of only 11 inhabitants used to be a thriving settlement until the 12th century when malaria took control. Take a stroll back in time to marvel at the church that older than a millennium and take a sit on the throne of the great Hun.


Along the way, you will find this adorable bridge: Ponte del Diavolo or “Devil’s Little Bridge,” the perfect spot to snap some memories with a glorious background.
Fun fact: it is called devil’s bridge because it was built in complicated and extreme conditions. Legend claims that the bridge was built in only one day and the rock that holds it up in the center, was thrown into the water by the devil himself.
Further down the pathway, you’ll stumble upon the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta. This church has been in existence for over a millennium, is the island’s oldest Byzantine-Romanesque monument (which are two types of architecture both involving great detail).



Allegedly the stone throne to Attila the Hun

Burano: the rainbow island 

A zip-away (10 minutes via Venice boat) is the fisherman’s island of Burano. This island is straight out of a fairytale, splashed with all the colors of the rainbow, the delicious cookies and chocolate and the delicate patterns of handmade lace.




Until next time; Murano, Torcello, and Burano

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