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Morocco can be an intimidating country, it has a very different reputation from the rest of its continent but don’t let that hinder you from exploring everything this beautiful country has to offer. Marrakesh is an over-stimulating city, with so much happening, so much to buy, so much to see, so much to taste and so much to do. Sadly I only had a short amount of time to spend in this glorious madness and focused my attention on the Medina, but it was worth it.

:come with an empty suitcase, you will want to fill it to the rim with the treasures you find.
:also if you have a sensitive stomach, with the exotic flavors your taste buds are going to experience, I would load up on Imodium
When you come to Morocco, you must stay in a riad. What is a riad, you ask? A riad is a traditional Moroccan house. It is normally built around a courtyard with the windows facing the interior. The are filled with exquisite tile work, elaborate cushions, memorizing patterns.


img_3147img_2090We stayed in a beautiful riad right in the medina. The owner picked us up from the airport and walked us all the way to the front door. The offered us endless delicious cookies and scrumptious tea and were extremely helpful in trying to organize what to see in the city. After getting settled into you riad, it is time to brave the medina. The whirlwind of colors, smells and chaos.

Jardin Majorelle
Right outside the Medina walls you will find a twelve acre botanical garden filled with palm trees, a jumble of exotics plants and flowers, a few fish and turtles and the most vibrant blue, yellow and teal your eyeballs have ever seen. The original gardens were designed by French artist Jacques Majorelle but later in life Yves Saint-Laurent purchased the land and inside you can find a memorial to him.

the entrance alone teases you to keep going


Seriously, I could post hundreds of photos. My camera was begging me to try and attempt to capture the beauty, the vibrantness of the colors, the exoticness of the wild plants. I would like to think I did a decent job, but I am nowhere close.

Let Your Taste Buds Go Wild


promise me that you will have some mint Moroccan tea and tagine of some flavor

Until next time Marrakesh.

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