Cliffs of Moher

One of the most beautiful places in Dublin and it is easy to understand why, Mother Nature will blow your mind when you see the cliffs come to life; photos just barely skim how incredible beautiful these cliffs are. My second time in Dublin was solely for visiting the Cliffs of Moher and allowing myself enough time to appreciate the beauty.
Shelby and I decided it was most logical to see the Cliffs of Moher through a tour guide since they are a little outside the city of Dublin. The Paddywagon Tour was the perfect choice. We not only had the day planned out for us but the guide was just as excited as we were (and I am sure it was his 100th trip to the cliffs). The tour leaves bright and early at 7AM in front of the Discovery Ireland Center. Regarding of my lack of morning personality, our guide was cheerful and energized to spend the day showing us the sights.
The first stop on the tour is the Burren National Park on Galway Bay, covered in limestone and a few sprouting flowers. The view looks never ending out into the horizon.


Then we got on a boat, and it was even more magical than you’d imagine. The Cliifs of Moher from below on the water. It is a different perspective but just as beautiful. If only Harry Potter was in the cave (it is the same one they filmed the Half-Blood Prince – destruction of the horcrux, for you HP lovers).
img_4198img_4221img_4247The Puffins. Oh My. So Many Puff Puff Puffins.

After our boat tour of the bottom of the cliffs, we climbed back into that bright green bus with a leprechaun on it and headed towards the main attraction. But first, we stopped in a little town for some delicious Irish food and mashed potatoes being my favorite food, I licked the plate clean.

The Cliffs of Moher

Nothing in life is complete without ice cream
But also…be careful, it is an actual cliff

img_4324img_4347img_4387So if you are anything like me and turn every opportunity into a photo shoot for everyone around you then 1.5 hours at the cliffs are not enough time. Just keep that in mind when you decide to visit these impressive rocks with a tour group; you are on a time crunch. Start in the back and work your way up to the front and just keep an eye on the watch while snapping the photos.

Our drive back to Dublin didn’t disappoint either. Ireland really is as green as they say.

Green grass and mooooooooooo


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