Vienna: a symphony of intellectuals

Vienna is a city of the past; filled with personality and charisma that brings it to life. This cultural capital of Europe; once home to the dominating Habsburg Empire lets you relive the ages while appreciating the musical genius of Mozart and Beethoven and the scientific wonders of Sigmund Freud.

Vienna: a symphony of intellectuals | Chasing Krista | Vienna, Austria

Schönbrunn Palace
During the Habsburg Monarchy, Vienna thrived and with a visit through the Schönbrunn Palace, you will be able to relive this golden century. Filled with 1,441 rooms and over 300 years of history, the Palace deserves a whole day to wander around and frolic through the halls pretending you are a princess.


Even the backside of the Palace, where the gardens are sprinkled with snow, the whole area is breathtaking.

Vienna: a symphony of intellectuals | Chasing Krista | Vienna, Austria


Vienna: a symphony of intellectuals | Chasing Krista | Vienna, Austria

Vienna State Opera (Wiener Staatsoper)
Fun Fact: one of the most respectable and busiest opera houses in the world and you can get tickets are cheap as €7. If you have the time, I would recommend seeing a show.


Hofburg Imperial Palace
The city inside a city; located in the heart of Vienna, the once home of the dominating Habsburgs empire now holds more than 2000 rooms, 18 wings, and 19 courtyards.


Today the Hofburg Palace currently houses the President, sectaries of state, a museum and the Spanish Riding School. You can also walk around to explore what life was like for those that reside in the Palace; such as Emperor Franz Joseph and his wife.










St. Stephen’s Cathedral
The original cathedral was over 800 years old before being damaged during World War II, but the Austrians re-built it and ever so beautiful. The Renaissance and Neo-Gothic influence make it one of the most striking churches in Vienna.


FOOD – I wish I could take more photos of food and have more fabulous recommendations. but in all honesty, I love food, probably more than anything else in the world (besides my mommy) so normally I just gobble it up before I get a chance to take a photo.


You can’t leave Vienna without paying tribute to one of the greatest musical composers our world has had the chance to hear: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Until next time Vienna ✌🏽 .

Vienna: a symphony of intellectuals | Chasing Krista | Vienna, Austria

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  1. I haven’t been to Vienna yet but I am a sucker for history and beautiful, old buildings! I can’t believe the opera tickets are so cheap- thanks for the tip!

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