Why Move to Thailand?

After graduating from college, I hit the panic button. I wasn’t sure the path that I wanted to go down. My future plan was looking fuzzier & fuzzier. I had spent months and months daydreaming on Pinterest and learning about the parts of the world I had never heard of and just wondered. I wondered about parts of the globe we don’t see on maps, parts of cities we don’t hear about in the news. I would just stare off into space picturing life on various sides of the hemisphere. Then I did it.

Moving to Thailand was a stressful and daunting experience. During the process, on the outside, I was all calm, cool and collected and excited to leave my little corner of America. On the inside, holy shit. I was a wreck. Frantic. Stressed. Scared. Doubting everything; so much that I actually would give myself medically induced symptoms.

To be fully honest, I still have no idea why I chose Thailand over other countries. I knew that in Asia there was more of a demand for English teachers (and the pay was better than compared to South America) but Thailand? Shoutout to GreenHeart Travel for guiding me through all the paperwork and visas.

Why Move to Thailand? | Chasing Krista

Seven Things  I learned about Thailand after living in Thailand:

  1. Acclimating to the climate is a thing. I didn’t know certain parts of my body actually produced sweat. Then after a year of experiencing Thailand heat, I though 70-degree weather required a sweater.
  2. You become proud of the fact that you can handle Thai-level spiciness. I take five stars now 💁🏼‍♀️
  3. You become somewhat more aware of your feet and shoes. I always wondered why after a year my flats still looked brand new and my toes were always perfectly polished – they seldom wear shoes in Thailand.
  4. 7/11 is life. Ask anyone that traveled to Thailand, they will concur. 7/11 is a way of life.
  5. Thailand isn’t expensive. Rent, food, clothes, vacations. Things just tend to be less expensive. (You won’t be making an American salary but you will be living comfortably).
  6. Toliet paper is a luxuriously (three years later and I still always have toilet paper in my purse)
  7. Smiles. Culture. People. Thailand is actually known as the land of smiles and everyone smiles at you. They are a very proud country, with a deep respect for their monarch.

So with that should you move to Thailand? YES! Yes, you should. Why? Because, why not. The world is so big and grand, why not explore all corners of it while we still can.

Why Move to Thailand? | Chasing Krista

If you want more information on how to Teach English in Thailand, let me know, let us chat! Or want to read more about my teaching experiences while in Thailand, click here!

Why Move to Thailand? | Chasing Krista