Your first time in Amsterdam will leave you saying “Damn Amsterdam” in a Dutch accent and will tease you into staying longer than you ever expected.

Damn Amsterdam | Chasing Krista | Amsterdam, Netherlands

The first time I traveled to Amsterdam, I tried my hand at Couchsurfing with a local. Which I would recommend but maybe not for your first time visiting Amsterdam or if you are new to traveling or traveling alone. Couchsurfing is something that you have to trust your gut on, no one else, but yours. Trust yourself. The main reason why I wanted to do ‘Couchsurfing’ because I am a frugal traveling and it is a great way to save a little extra money. And, staying with a local gives you a different view of a popular tourist destination such as Amsterdam. Which is why I don’t recommend it the first time you visit a city because you might miss out on some popular attraction. Buuuut you get to see a lesser known side of the city, which is always a bonus.



FOOD TRUCK FESTIVAL, AMSTERDAM KOOKT happens at the end of July-beginning of August and is a parade of graffiti and food trucks displaying the best of Amsterdam food. Perfect spot to chill, practice your photographer, and eat your way through the various flavor of the Dutch.


Amsterdam Museums

Amsterdam is filled with museums: RijksmuseumStedelijk, Van Gogh, Anne Frank House, Heineken, the museums cost between €15–€17 per person. I would highly suggest booking your ticket online, it won’t save you any money but it will save you loads of the time. The lines for these museums are looooong and you don’t want to spend half your day waiting to get into one museum. When you book your tickets in advance online you can bypass the long queues, and pick an allotted time slot to make the most of your day.

*If you do plan on visiting a majority of these museums; I would suggest getting the I Amsterdam card. It gives you discounts entry to the museums, free canal ride, unlimited transportation (metro, buses and trams). And you get to chose how long you want the card to work for, 24 hours, 48 hours or 72 hours.

Van Gogh Museum 
Step into the life of the legendary Vincent Van Gogh and see his world through his eyes and paintings. An audio guide is available for €5 & would recommend it if you want to learn about the life on Van Gogh himself.

Be sure to check out the sculpture garden around the museum — it’s free.

Heineken Experience
If you are a beer lover then you will adore this experience. Learn about the history of Heineken, the secret ingredients and the proper way to enjoy a cold one (while enjoying a free one).

Amsterdam Cheese Museum 
Cheese seems to be everywhere in Amsterdam and filled to the rim in the cheese museum. It is a little shop where you can sample an assortment of flavors of cheese (some you probably didn’t even known existed). Make sure you head downstairs to get a little history lesson about the process of making cheese and a photo shoot with some cheese!

The sign is a tourist hotspot, literally, it will be nearly impossible to not snap a photo with a stranger in it. everyone wants their picture with the sign. try going SUPER early or SUPER late?

Buuuuuuuuut the best way to explore your way through the city is to wander around foot or bike and get lost through the canals.



until next time Amsterdam ✌🏽

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