Budapest: Architecture, Baths, & Ruin Bars

Budapest is one of the most relaxing, quirky, and busiest cities I have had the pleasure of exploring. It is definitely a city that needs more than one weekend, and definitely more than one trip.

  • You will need a day to explore the bridges and architecture.
  • A day to get wild in the ancient ruins hidden in the Jewish Quarter (plus a day of recovery testing the taste of Budapest).
  • And, a day to soak your tired muscles in the spas.
  • Then another whole weekend to do the same thing again, because its that great.

Hungarians speak English incredibly well. The Hungarian language is impossible to understand, it is incredibly complex. But, you’ll stand out by learning a few key phrases:

  • thank you = köszönöm. Sounds like: kur-sur-nurm (to me it sounded like kissin-em)
  • please = kérek. Sounds like: care-ek
  • hello & bye = szia. Sounds like: see-ah

Budapest used to be two cities: Buda and Pest, separated by a river and has an interesting history. Take advantage of the free walking tours that guide you all around the city’s hot spots while giving you a history lesson.

Hungarian Parliament Building
This building was built in the 19th century and is one of Budapest’s most iconic buildings. I mean, look at it. For me personally, I think, the best views are at night when it lights up the whole Danube River. (fun fact: this is third largest Parliament building in the world)

Budapest | Chasing Krista | Budapest
Hungarian Parliament Building

Buda Castle
Located in the heart of the city, Buda Castle is just a twenty-minute walk to the top.  Also, Hungarian royalty currently reside within the capital inside the castle.

Budapest | Chasing Krista | Budapest

Chain Bridge
Széchenyi Chain Bridge is the bridge that links Buda to Pest. This dramatic bridge stands out in comparison to the simpler ones surrounding it.
Budapest | Chasing Krista | BudapestBudapest: Architecture, Baths, & Ruin Bars | Chasing Krista | Budapest

Vajdahunyad Castle
Vajdahunyad Castle is further proof that Budapest knowns how to build castles. This castle includes an epic mix of styles with a taste of Roman, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque architecture. Inside is the City Park built-in 1896 by Ignác Alpár as part of the Millennial Exhibition used to showcase the first 1000 years of Hungarian architecture. It is now home to festivals and exhibitions throughout the year, as well as the Museum of Agriculture.
Budapest | Chasing Krista | BudapestBudapest | Chasing Krista | Budapest

Liberty Bridge 
The third shortest bridge in Budapest, this bridge was built during the 1896 Millennial Exhibition.
Budapest: Architecture, Baths, & Ruin Bars | Chasing Krista | Budapest Heroes Square
Hősök tere (Heroes Square) is one of the major squares in Budapest. It is remembered for the iconic statues encompassing the square; featuring the Seven Chieftains of the Magyars and other important national leaders, as well as the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Budapest | Chasing Krista | Budapest
Entrance to Heroes Square from City Park right statue: Man with a Snake (symbol of War) left statue: the female statue of peace
Budapest | Chasing Krista | Budapest
the column and part of seven chieftains of the Magyars
Budapest | Chasing Krista | Budapest
part of the ‘Seven chieftains of the Magyars’ that encompass the square

Great Hall Hungarian Market
Filled to the brim with treasures and souvenirs; on the top floor you can enjoy some Hungarian delights while peering down watching the shoppers below.
Budapest | Chasing Krista | BudapestBudapest | Chasing Krista | Budapest

       Tradition Hungarian Langos            souvenirs, souvenirs, souvenirs

Jewish Quarter
Budapest has a rich history, don’t leave the city without taking a stroll through the Jewish Quarter to marvel at the thrilling Jewish community. (a couple of walking tours are dedicated to this area if you want to learn more about it)
Budapest | Chasing Krista | Budapest

Ruin Bars
Budapest is home to many ruin bars. What is a ruin bar? A ruin bar is an abandoned building or lot turned into a bar or pub and decorated with weird, miscellaneous, unconventional everyday objects that give the place a special personality.
Budapest: Architecture, Baths, & Ruin Bars | Chasing Krista | Budapest

Thermal Baths
Oh, Budapest and its thermal waters.  At any of these public bathtubs you’ll find the healing waters of Budapest, massages, and hundreds of strangers. These thermal waters offer magical healing powers to relax your body. All tubs offer both indoor and outdoor water experiences as well as spa treatments (massages, beauty). I would recommend bringing your own towel, or you can rent one for a small fee.

The largest of the thermal bathtubs is: Széchenyi
open 6:00am -10:00pm
prices vary on days
Check the calendar, this bathhouse also offers night parties and events
don’t bring your valuables and I suggest getting a cabin/locker to keep a change of clothes.

Located inside the Gellert Hotel are the Gellert Thermal Baths
open: 6:00am to 8:00pm
prices vary for day and service
Here you’ll find a full range of wellness and spa treatments
the indoor pool (noted in first photo), swimmers must wear a swim cap in order to dive in the waters. baths are also located inside the spa with a range of temperatures. (it was a tad awkward to walk around taking photos indoor so I sadly didn’t get many)

St. Stephen’s Basilica (Budapest Cathedral)

Budapest | Chasing Krista | Budapest

Budapest | Chasing Krista | BudapestBudapest | Chasing Krista | BudapestBudapest | Chasing Krista | BudapestBudapest | Chasing Krista | BudapestBudapest | Chasing Krista | Budapest

until next time Budapest…



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