Krishka’s in Kraków

We have finally made it to our fourth stop: Kraków, Poland. Home of history…. and of course, sausages.Krishka's in Kraków | Chasing Krista | Kraków, Poland

Kraków Old Town:
The pride of Poland is the historic Old Town located in the heart of Poland. Becoming a UNESCO World Heritage List in 1978, this square is filled with untouched architecture, cobbled pathways, cellar bars and much more.

Krishka's in Kraków | Chasing Krista | Kraków, PolandKraków Cloth Hall: located in the middle of the square, this Renaissance dated hall is Kraków’s main market. Once the major hotspot for international trade, inside you will find just about any souvenir you can think of and so much more.

Krishka's in Kraków | Chasing Krista | Kraków, PolandTown Hall Tower

Kraków is known for its history, and as depressing as it may be; we must remember it is still a part of our history, our story of the world. As George Santayana once said “the one who does not remember history is bound to live through it: again.”

Krishka's in Kraków | Chasing Krista | Kraków, Poland

While in Kraków, I would strongly suggest visiting Auschwitz. As hard of a chapter it is to read in our books, it is a huge part of our past and … well ultimately it is your call. Personally I did not feel comfortable taking photos (regardless of the permission to do so) for myself I could not. I really cannot give you any tips regarding attending Auschwitz, but I would recommend it. But please please please remember this is an actual part of our past and not a happy past. If you do decide to take pictures please be respectful to the dead. Smiling next to a hanging site should NEVER be a photo you have saved to your memory card.
things to remember:
*you are only allowed to bring a ‘paper sized bag’ into the camp. all personally items must be left in your mode of transportation. don’t bring your valuables to be left on the bus.
*bring water. heat stroke, sun stroke, dehydration.
*wear comfortable shoes: you will be walking a large distance.
*if you decide to book your entrance ticket through a travel company, the only difference is that they normally provide transportation.
*regardless of where or when you have learned the information being taught to you inside the camp, please be respectful to both your guide and those learning.
*PLEASE be respectful. you are walking through a dark time in our history.


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